Remember to contact them in advance. Programme Course registration Apply for exemptions Learning path counselling Download grades Faculty administration Internship Bachelor or master thesis. You just have to prove you were present for one introduction day during your first academic year. Please be aware that this form is not meant to resolve problems with coinciding exams. You should provide all your text and images at least 14 days before the delivery date.

If you have encountered difficulties with your supervisors or with the PhD monitoring commission, you should address the issue to the ombudsperson of the PhD candidates. If you prefer not to use the University’s e-mail services, you can redirect all your incoming messages to another address using this link. You will need to pick up the prints on the ULB Campus. In accordance with the teaching and examination regulations, the examination schedules have been drawn up in accordance with the model learning pathways. The ombudsperson is happy to help resolve issues in the research team or with the supervisor, but does not answer general questions on the doctoral trajectory. Studying Planning Timetables and exam schedules Academic calendar.

Regulations Rules and forms Reglementen en formulieren.

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A LaTeX template for the title page of your thesis can be downloaded here. Are you interested to be featured in our next newsletter? All PhD related news, such as upcoming workshops, funding deadlines, etc. That was a long list, but I still can’t find anything relevant to my problem and I don’t know where else to look.


In every newsletter we ask a fellow PhD candidate to shine a light on them.

The other 30 credits are granted after the successful defence of your PhD. Your first contact point for PhD related questions. Thesis topics and supervisors First steps of a PhD. In order to do so, you can upload them as an external regular course in your PhD portfolio.

Secondly, we want to give the floor to good supervisors and be an inspiration to other starting supervisors. Taking a regular course requires an estimated hours, and often produces 6 credits. Announcing a PhD event.

We are organising an Alumni event on the 5th of October The next awards will be granted in My name is Irene, I am Greek and live in the Netherlands. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? What the ombudsperson can do for you?

You’re likely to have some alternatives:.

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Master’s Thesis Guidelines This page provides some guidelines regarding master’s theses to be defended at the Department of Computer Science, i. Vrije Universiteit Brussel Menu. Frequently asked questions This page offers bits of wisdom from past experiences, as well as some guidance on where to look further. They regularly offer grants to help PhD activities and travelor the editing and publishing of Lates works. In case you don’t have an advisory committee, you can discuss this with your supervisor.

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This is part of the overall quality monitoring of the PhD progress. Programme Course registration Vuv for exemptions Learning path counselling Download grades Faculty administration Internship Bachelor or master thesis.


To enable them to carry out their function, the ombudspersons for PhD candidates have the right to consult any documents related to the case, and vvub participate in the meetings of the PhD progress monitoring commission. Friday of Week 38, 4 PM. If you encounter personal problems that get in the way of performing your research, it might be a good idea to contact our Centre for Wellbeing.

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The Doctoral Progress Monitoring Commission of each faculty will also pardon your absence for other serious, justifiable reasons. Since PhD trajectories are highly specialised, any questions related to your field of study should be addressed to uvb supervisor.

Activate your account using this link. Besides the academic grants, there are other ways to fund and sponsor your PhD. You can find more information on the ombudsperson in the Central Regulations concerning the conferring of the Academic PhD Degree. The ombudsperson for PhD candidates can operate as a mediator between the candidates and their supervisors or the PhD progress monitoring commission.