If you wish to apply to extend your living allowance scholarship, please complete an Extend Scholarship form. Degrees are regularly conferred at ceremonies held in August and December. Who can I speak to about further details? If you are not enrolled, you won’t have access to the online content. Part of your application for a research degree will include a research proposal.

A general leave of absence is only granted for no more than days cumulative total , unless in exceptional circumstances approved by the Dean of Graduate Research. The agenda can include:. Search form Search Student Services. Where the Head of School is also a member of your supervisory team, the relevant College Dean or Institute Director will appoint the Chair of Examiners. Please contact the Unit Coordinator to find out further information. You may apply for an extension to your candidature where your thesis submission has been delayed by matters that are beyond your control, are directly related to the conduct of their research project and not of a personal nature.

How do I find the class date stime s and venue s information? It is your responsibility to ensure correct bank account details are supplied for the payment of your living allowance scholarship.

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Access is usually only granted shortly prior to the class commencement as per the Student Timetable. You are responsible for preparing the agenda for your meetings and documenting the discussion and outcomes.

Details about formatting, length and referencing will be dependent on the discipline in which you have conducted your research. How do I withdraw from my degree? I need a letter to confirm that I have completed my degree, how do I request this? The Action Dates tab details all your candidature milestones for the lifetime of your degree.


If you are also submitting a creative component such as a portfolio of musical recordings or art worksplease thrsis advice from the Graduate Research Office in the first instance. Information about the examination process can be found hereunder Thesis Submission and Examination.

Please log into eStudent to investigate and tthesis payment. Printed copies of your thesis are no longer required, unless specifically requested by an examiner.

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Please check your enrolment record in eStudent. If you are successful: How do I submit my Confirmation of Candidature report?

utas thesis submission

You will also need to provide: Who can help me make a decision on my units? Note that you will not be able to access the Thesis Submission tab until you have completed the Intention to Submit tab. Confirm with one of our researchers that they will supervise your project.

utas thesis submission

Please note that after submitting an application it is in your best interest to contact your referees directly, notifying them that a request for a report htesis been sent to their email address by the University of Tasmania. Made any required revisions to your thesis Received approval for your final thesis Submitted an electronic copy of your final thesis via iGRad Submitted a thesis abstract of strictly characters including spaces or less via iGRad: Once determined, we will inform you of the outcome of your examination and send you the examiner reports.


It will keep you on track to successfully complete your project within 3 to 4 years PhD or 1 to 2 years MRes.

The examination time frame is ideally between three to six months. You are encouraged to meet with your supervisory team on a regular basis e.

Please email the Graduate Research Office with your enquiry. My Primary Supervisor is away, who can sign off my iGRad action dates? How long will I be given to make any corrections that are recommended by the examiners?

In order to graduate, you will need to have completed the below steps: This abstract must be strictly characters including spaces or less: In this case, the Graduate Research Office will request these from you.

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How do I submit my Research Plan? Once all the tabs have been completed, use the Generate Plan button in iGRad to create a research plan document to use in your Confirmation of Candidature.

utas thesis submission

Before you begin the application process: Completed actions are displayed at the bottom of the screen. When you have completed any required revisions, please submit your corrected thesis to the Sumission of Examiners.