The following criteria and scoring scheme are used by adjudication committee members to evaluate SSHRC applications. These sources will allow me to fruitfully answer the questions above. Do we see correlations and linkages with changes in overall employment levels, or educational achievements, or labour force mobility, or any of the tens of other postwar digitized metrics made available by Statistics Canada? Through textual analysis, historians can learn important information. Yet youth of different classes had material differences as well, especially concerning post-secondary accessibility and experiences.

The final outcome of this product will be a peer-reviewed monograph, complemented by an online site that allows visitors to dynamically manipulate models of research processes and visualizations of results. Ecology of Food and Nutrition 53 2: Have colleagues and your faculty Research Facilitator proofread your application before submitting. I am currently preparing for my comprehensive examinations and writing my research ethics application. Reflecting the unique nature of this project, I hope to both publish in accessible open-access journals with a multimedia angle, as well as more traditional Canadian history outlets. I will adapt this approach to create a Stages-of-Food Security model, which will identify community-defined stages of food in security. Define the geographical scope of your impact:

A survey will then be conducted based on the community-determined stages to assess levels of food insecurity.

Skip to main content. I will adapt this approach to create a Stages-of-Food Security model, which will identify community-defined stages of food in security. Visit the Faculty of Education website.

Project Proposal (SSHRC)

I thus have a demonstrated interest and skill set in digital methodologies, building on my work as a founding co-editor of ActiveHistory. Objective of funding support: When and where did youth employment concerns rise to the forefront?

In focusing on the elite, these approaches provide only a limited understanding. By beginning in the immediate postwar period, I will sshrf only begin with sshec demographic sampl of the baby boom generation, but also focus on the changes and continuities that emerged after the Second World War. Better in-depth understanding of the context or analysis New methodological or analytical approach Impact: Elsewhere at Western, the Culture Complexity and Digital Humanities research lab the CulturePlex offers a multidisciplinary approach to the field.


Have colleagues and your faculty Research Facilitator proofread your application before submitting.

Sample Grant Applications

Young workers and students were shaped by a similarly anti-authoritarian and democratic culture, and their ensuing behaviour took shape in divergent yet fundamentally related ways. This project will contribute to the general social history of postwar Canada and in particular, the more inaccessible world of working-class and marginalized youth.

How can we pull our focus from the lives and activities of a small number of privileged and unrepresentative youth sshdc gain a synoptic view of youth culture more generally? If you choose to respond to the criticism, do so tactfully as there may be returning committee members!

sshrc research proposal sample

Through this methodology, popularized by proposao Google n-gram project and laid out in detail in a groundbreaking Science article, prlposal can see the rise and fall of cultural ideas over a discrete period of time.

The weighting of each varies by funding opportunity. Who Gains, Who Loses, and Why? I chose to end inat the end of the Cold War, as it presents another critical fulcrum in Canadian history.

This project drew on a wide array of sources, including seventy-three interviews and nineteen archival repositories across thirteen Canadian cities.

sshrc research proposal sample

This table provides a 5 year projection of contractual employees Policy 47 taking into account the length of the contract, the benefits, and yearly salary increases.

The digital humanities, the broader exploration of how technology can be integrated into traditional scholarly activities and the creation of new forms of scholarship and media, as well as digital history, the application of digital methodologies and media to historical questions, offer possibilities for a significant revision of the contemporary historiography overviews include Cohen and Rosenzweig, ; Cohen et al, Ecology of Food and Nutrition 53 2: These sources will allow me to fruitfully answer the questions above.

Project Proposal (SSHRC) – Ian Milligan

Develop or improve legal codes to protect human rights Impact: An analysis of the experiences of extension services at reseearch stage may explain the disconnect between households experiencing food insecurity and their low levels of adoption of new practices, inputs and tools, and may identify services that are appropriate for households at specific stages and inappropriate for others.


Ethiopian Development Research Institute: For decades, the historical literature on the baby boom generation and youth was limited including Kostash, ; Levitt, ; Owram, Purchase or rental of computers and associated hardware is allowable only if these are not accessible through the university or employer.

Youth have played a critical social role in postwar Canadian history. How did politicians engage with the idea of youth?

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