The module provides experience of advanced methodology in practical chemistry, including experience of using more advanced research-level analytical and preparative instrumentation. Particular attention will be given to the study of market venues as well as the European and International institutional framework governing their supervision. Designed as an introduction to the theory and practice of learning and teaching in higher education, the module will help participants develop the practice of reflecting on and enhancing one’s teaching. This module is meant to provide an outlook on marketing as a sub-discipline of management studies. What documentation do I need? It is anticipated that students will undertake a wide range of activities during the placement, so as to gain an awareness of professional practice.

This module consists of professional development seminars within the theme of creative industries and cultural sector leadership designed to inspire new thinking and develop immediate, practical behaviour changes through practitioners willing to come share their experiences, and also their contacts. The focus will be on fluency, expansion of vocabulary, grammatical accuracy, advanced oral and reading comprehension, and development of writing skills. The circumstances where you can submit an extenuating circumstances claim are explained above e. There will a strong emphasis on problem-solving in relation to structure determination. This module covers essential topics of whole-organism biology, introducing the theory and mechanisms of evolution and speciation, the fossil record and human evolution.

This qualitative module introduces students to the distinctive features of risk and crisis management.

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Students will take part in practical exercises, stepping in the shoes of arbitrator, counsel or clients. This module provides an introduction to physiology. Energy plays a central role for the existence and subsistence extenssion human life on earth.

Emphasis is placed on developing understanding of concepts which can then be applied to more advanced topics in inorganic chemistry. It ccoursework cover laboratory techniques designed to diagnose and model neuropathological diseases covering techniqiues such as PCR, imaging and animal models.


Unless students report their extenuating circumstances formally at the time then it is very difficult for QMUL to help them in terms of their studying.

The module focuses on the substantive law of copyright and related rights in the United Kingdom. The role of synthetic models for biological systems is examined critically. Over the last few decades the business world has become more complex, fragmented, coursewrok geographically scattered.

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The role of synthetic models for biological systems is examined. Applying the theoretical concepts of international arbitration in practice, students will lean the fundamental skills that will give students an qmuul qualification in a competitive legal market. Particular attention is given to crisis leadership.

The module looks at the neoclassical economic model, market failures, behavioural economics and their application to the law.

In addition, characterisation techniques such as X-ray diffraction and multi-nuclear NMR are introduced. This module provides learners with a critical understanding of the internal and external contexts of contemporary organisations, including the managerial, business, regulatory, labour market and institutional contexts.

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A dynamical system is any system which evolves over time according to some pre-determined rule. Regardless of the quality of your answers, you cannot achieve a higher score for the module than the minimum pass mark. Topics such as good laboratory practice, health and safety in the laboratory, the preparation of laboratory reports amd data analysis techniques are also covered. Some schools do not operate a deadline extension system.

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Cause marketing single-issue groups ; Civic marketing health and safety campaigns etc ; Party political marketing – Selling Barack Obama Abuse of marketing – selling war A theory of propaganda and persuasion: The course will provide a critical and insightful view of current international legal developments and trends with the aim of identifying the most salient legal issues involved in insolvency and debt restructuring in the context of an increasingly complex financial phenomena and global markets.


Modules are often assessed by a combination of assessment methods; the types used are mostly determined by the subject area.

This module provides students with an in depth and thorough understanding of the couursework and supervisory framework covering the entire life-cycle of a bank, from its inception to its failure.

A retake requires attendance at classes, completion of all elements of assessment for the module whether or not previously passed or not and payment of additional tuition fees on a pro rata basis. It is essentially divided into two parts viz: This module is concerned with the principles of drug design, drug discovery and the relationship between the molecular structure of drugs and their biological activity.

It covers i the subsistence, ownership and term of copyright, ii exclusive extfnsion rights and infringement iv exceptions and limitations to infringement and v moral rights. Dr Nima Heirati Overlap: This module covers the techniques used to plan the syntheses of organic compounds, together with a selection of reaction types that may be used in organic synthesis.

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The module considers the various types of interactions that occur between atoms and molecules, and how these influence the molecular behaviour and the characteristics coudsework the various phases of matter. Ms Norah Gallagher Overlap: Dr Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos Overlap: This module draws on theories and ideas from organisational behaviour and positive organisational psychology to provide students with an understanding of how courswork and groups behave in organisational settings.

An introduction to the kinetics of chemical reactions, including: