Henry is upset and tells Kazuko that the main reason Kazuo kept visiting was to see her. Nevertheless, Nisei Daughter is hardly a bitter or accusatory book. Having to be live a lifestyle that was closely monitored by the authorities was never easy for two times. How about receiving a customized one? In , the Treaty of Kanagawa, which allowed for trade with the United States, ended Japan’s two hundred years of relative seclusion from foreign trading partners.

Itoi takes a job as one of the camp’s internal policemen. Kazuko works as a stenographer at the camp’s administration office, and Henry, who had been a medical student before the evacuation, gets a job at the camp hospital. Perhaps it has something to do with the book’s original publication date. Nisei were often criticized by Japanese nationals for abandoning their roots, yet they were unable to fully assimilate into the American mainstream thanks to widespread fear and prejudice toward the Japanese during the first half of the twentieth century. She no longer feels like a divided person: For this occasion, the entire Japanese American community shows up at Jefferson Park to celebrate with food, games, and traditional folk songs.

However, after being placed in internment camps, some Japanese Americans become understandably resentful. InPresident Ronald Reagan signed a bill that allowed for compensation in the amount of twenty thousand dollars for each living internee who filed a claim.

As one young man puts it, “First they change xaughter army status … because of my ancestry, run me out of theesis, and now they want me to volunteer for a suicide squad so I could get killed for this damn democracy.

Itoi arranges for someone to manage his hotel. Kazuo is American, but he spent much of his time growing up in Japan; he often boasts about how Japan’s military could defeat America’s military.

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It is through these mundane interactions that Sone illustrates the process of assimilation, wherein members of a minority group adopt the behaviors and attitudes of the majority population among which they live.


Kazuko is Japanese for “peace,” while Monica is the name of St.

Perhaps it has something to do with the book’s original publication date. Before that, she notes that she lived “in amoebic bliss, not knowing whether I was plant or animal,” in her family’s low-rent hotel tuesis Seattle’s Skid Row. She writes to Sumiko, Minnie, and Henry—who had been rejected for military service due to his poor eyesight—and urges them to try to find placement outside the camp.

The family settles for a small apartment nisi Lake Washington looked after by a Scandinavian couple named the Olsens.

Skid Row is her childhood playground, with its union office, Salvation Armyand forbidden burlesque house. She is hospitalized for nine months while she recovers from nise dangerous disease.

nisei daughter thesis

Her father, sensing the mounting tensions between Japan and the United States, suggests that she attend business school first, “so you can step into a job and be independent, just dauvhter case. Still, the book is not without its daughte. The War Department then declared all of California, most of Oregon and Washington, and part of Arizona as an exclusion zone and announced that anyone of Japanese ancestry within the region would be forced to relocate.

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Itoi—once a law student in Japan—reveals that he is knowledgeable and will not be fooled. McClelland and Stewart Limited,[ 2 ]. The family does not know that the people in the area in which they are looking are not hospitable to Japanese people.

nisei daughter thesis

The family destroys many of the Japanese artifacts in their house, fearful that they will be mistaken for loyalist spies. The author, born on American soil to Japanese immigrant parents, is a Niseior second-generation Japanese American. This ban remained in place until the s. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours He leaves and does not return. However, the complexity of situation in an inland residence thesiis with barbed wire and guarded by armed militaries was depicted along with story.


Kazuko works as a stenographer at the camp’s administration office, and Henry, who had been a medical student before the evacuation, gets a job tbesis the camp hospital.

Nisei Daughter Essay

The family rejects this idea, and they eat apple pie instead. Byparalleling events with Chinese immigrants decades earlier, West Coast landowners and businessmen called for a halt on all Japanese immigration to the United States.

Like many Nisei, her name was a bridge between her Japanese past and her American future: Itoi a “Jap,” Montana literally picks the man up and tosses him down the exit stairs. One morning, the author and her older brother are confronted by several of the local boys, and a fight ensues.

It is bare except for a small wood-burning stove, and individual army cots that are distributed later.

Sone was released from internment in to work in Chicago as a dental assistant. All of the white men who work for the daugghter father at the hotel seem particularly tolerant; during the family’s internment, one of them visits, bringing fresh fruits, candies, and expressions of sorrow at their confinement.

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