Given how Telangana was created in , there is a possibility that the Indian government may consider redrawing State boundaries, if it sees potential benefits outweighing the status quo. In fact, there has been a political integration movement amongst the Zomi-Kuki-Chin tribes, parallel to the Naga integration movement, with the goal of uniting all these cognate groups under one political authority. Nehginpao Kipgen is a U. One demand in the memorandum proposes the insertion of a new provision in section of the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, Such provisions though are not valid for Central government employees and security personnel. Illegal immigration from Bangladesh, Burma and Nepal has also gone up. Related Topics Columns Manipur.

If so, how would it be reconciled with the existing intra-state constitutional safeguards that apply to the Hill Areas? No breakthrough in Manipur talks. Why were details of IAF shooting down its own chopper released only after elections? The end result of this will be more trouble, not less. Proponents also argue that since Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland, which have similar indigenous cultures and problems post independence, have implemented ILP, Manipur should also be included in the system. Everything is seen as a zero-sum game. Comment with respect to the recent immigration issues of the country.

Although such provisions though are not valid for Central govt employees, security personal, etc. The previous month, on July 17, the Meitei Society of Churachandpur, a tribal district, was made to abandon a peace rally in support of the Inner Line Permit agitations in Manipur after most tribal organisations in the district opposed the march. ib

All you need to know about the Inner Line Permit issue in Manipur

Related Topics Columns Manipur. Given this situation, it is difficult to see how the plan will work. Foreigners like the Bangladeshi, the Nepalese and the Myanmarese have started standing for local elections and some of them have also emerged victorious!


Interview What are your views on the Inner Line Permit issue?

Nehginpao Kipgen August 27, Initially, the British colonial government had introduced the system to protect its commercial interests, particularly in oil and tea. Multiplying grievances At the moment, with various forms of agitations overwhelming the Manipur plain areas, it is not surprising that the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has been able to dictate terms to the state government and browbeat the chief minister into accepting them.

In the eyes of the tribal people, there is a hidden design behind the recent demands and protests. It was continued to protect the mainpur peoples and their cultures. Outsiders cannot buy property in the state.

Unanswered questions So many crucial questions remain about the proposed ILP regime. Please Email the Editor.

The Inner Line Permit system will cause more trouble in Manipur, not less

This is one unfulfilled goal of the Mizo National Front whose independence movement is still hanging fire. The law manpur that it must be consulted in all legislative matters affecting the Hill Areas of the state. This demand is therefore constitutional and legal. Printable version May 22, Drug trafficking cases, incidents of rape and other crimes in the State have become more rampant due to the inflow of outsiders into Manipur.

All you need to know about the Inner Line Permit issue in Manipur

The ILP, which remained in force untilwas revoked by the then Commissioner of Assam, whose jurisdiction also covered Manipur. This ILP provision was made to give special protection to the indigenous people. In Moreh, a town on the India-Myanmar border, an indefinite curfew was imposed on August 18 after clashes broke out between ILP supporters and those against it.


ILP proponents assert that after independence and subsequent accession of Manipur to India, the influx of foreigners and other Indians into Manipur has increased exponentially.

Related Articles Manipur paralysed for the second day. Migration is an issue for all regions in the country. Public appeals by tribal bodies against such attacks in civilian areas were unheeded.

essay on ilp in manipur

The case of Meghalaya Very similar arguments of rise of immigrants are present in Meghalaya also. Do the Meiteis plan to enter the ST category as one homogeneous category? This article is closed for comments. Further, the state governor must send the president annual reports on the administration of Hill Areas, and the central government has the power to give directions to the state government regarding administration of these areas.

essay on ilp in manipur

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It signifies a constitutional recognition of the hill-plain divide in Manipur.

essay on ilp in manipur

Hence ILP permit manipue be a setback for the already under-developed region. Many people were flummoxed. Inner Line Permit ILP is an official travel document issued by the Government of India to allow travel of an Indian citizen essa a protected area for a limited period.

Since the NE states are already backward in areas of education, infrastructure, etc such a competition has been passing onto the even younger generations. And by the time the matter reaches that level, the tribal people will probably start giving expression to their opposition.