Problems associated with general de synchronization and disturbance of the bodies various rhythms principally sleeping patterns. An organogram of the structure may be helpful 8. Error Models and Theories To appreciate the types of error that it is possible to make, researchers have looked at human error in a number of ways and proposed various models and theories. Normal hearing is from 20 Hz to 20, Hz Hangar noise is about 70 to 75 decibel Earplugs reduce noise by 20 decibel Earmuffs reduce noise by 40 decibel Impact of Noise on Performance It can: Different stressors affect different people to varying extents.

List NDT techniques commonly used for inspecting aircraft structure and components. Describe the procedure for carrying out a dye-penetrant NDT check on an aircraft component. Memory can be considered to be the storage and retention of information, experiences and knowledge, as well as the ability to retrieve this information. Sleep is characterized by five stages of sleep: Describe how you would replace a PCB and the precautions you would take. Thanks Brother you have Provided very.

This would be great. Individual cases can be helped by sympathetic and skilful counseling which allows a return to effective work and licensed duties. Safety culture is a set of beliefs, norms, attitudes, roles and social and technical practices concerned with minimizing exposure of employees, managers, customers and members of the general public to conditions considered dangerous or hazardous Whilst safety culture has been discussed from the organizational perspective, the responsibility of the individual should not be overlooked.

A leader in a given situation is a person whose ideas and actions influence the thought and the behavior of others. Humxn has been very useful for me and for 666 to everyone who had read this.


EASA part 66 MODULE 9 Essay Questions

It is normally accepted that a TWA Time Weighted Average sound level noise level exceeding 85 dB for 8 hours is hazardous and potentially damaging to ,odule inner ear.

Social loafing reflects the tendency for someone to work less hard Social loafing is a tendency for some individuals to work less hard on a task when they believe others are working on it Flight deck crew team size factorss small – two or three members; although the wider team is obviously larger i.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Eaea and avoiding hazards There are many potential hazards in aircraft maintenance Physical hazards may include: It is a group or company norm. This can be effected by ensuring that the procedures are correct and usable, that the means of presentation of the information is user friendly and appropriate to the task and context, that engineers are encouraged to follow procedures and not to cut corners. Ideally the procedure should provide for sufficient time to be made available by way of a shift overlap, depending on the complexity of task s to be handed over.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Wade 10 October at This is a deeper level of sleep, but it is still fairly easy to wake someone. Individual light requirements doubles with age. What is ‘Stressed Skin’ construction? They are much more sensitive at lower light levels. Pradip Jadhav 5 July factorw Prioritizing various pieces of work that need to be done The actual time available to carry out work considering breaks, shift handovers, etc.

Mark the uncompleted work.

Adnan Kalisi 23 February at Maintain a standard and if in doubt ground the aircraft. Furthermore, information communicated at shift handover kodule good continuity. Climate and Temperature JAR Whilst all essential information especially the detailed status of tasks should be recorded in written form, it is also important to pass this information verbally in order to reinforce it.



What inspections and repairs would you carryout? Describe the procedure for weighing an aircraft. Robin Jose Tigga 24 April at A good leader in maintenance engineering is: This usually occurs at shift handover.

Working nights can also lead to problems sleeping during the day, due to the interference of daylight, noise etc Can anyone send me the answers for module 9? Error Models and Theories To appreciate the types of error that it is possible to make, researchers have looked at human error in a number of ways and proposed various models and theories.

You should know Ultra short-term memorythe role of sensory stores, Short term memory, long-term memory, Semantic modyle, Episodic memory, Iconic memory Situation awareness The right environment is quickly changing, setting the stage for the creation of active failures. Vibration in aircraft maintenance engineering is usually associated with the use of rotating or percussive tools and ancillary equipment, such as generators. With a complex system, it should still be clear to an aircraft maintenance engineer what the systems purpose is.

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