The climate in Alberta is not as harsh as many other provinces in Canada, and it has been voted as having some of the most comfortable weather in the entire country. Its just filling out a bunch of forms and getting some basic docs together which you would have anyway as part of your H1B docs. I have all the documents with me except PCC for india. H1B Approval is I- and it needs to be notarized. Posted on Friday, August 7, Describe your familiarity with Alberta. Subscribe to the Canadian Immigration Podcast If you have enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe.

This government website is also a great source of AINP news and more general Alberta immigration news. If you want to listen to more episodes, you will find all the episodes here. I was also approached by 2 agencies to represent me in my AINP application but decided to do it myself once I read the procedure. We would reach out to the AINP and ask them for direction. Applying for a new work permit with a new Alberta employer? Instead of posting about your website.

I love to share information about immigration that affects my lteter Province of Alberta. Provide all these so that they can understand that you are familiar with Alberta Province.

Alberta Nominee Program Applicant Eligibility: The economy of Alberta has been the strongest in Canada for the last 10 years and consequently the province has grown very quickly as people from other areas of Canada, as well as many new immigrants from across the World, move to the province in search of a better life.

Question to those who applied to CIC thru AINP program – When submitting the original forms to CIC copies were submitted to Alberta to get the nomination shall we update the information on the forms if it’s no more current? That would help tremendously in getting the word out and raising the visibility of the show.


cover letter for ainp

I have two questions regarding what I should do now before my work permit expires. I recently applied for PR in Canada and this link was very helpful for me.

AINP and PR application: Step By Step Guide [Archive] – Immigration Voice

Two years of experience in their field, of which a minimum of one year must have been done in Canada Have a job in Alberta for 6 months prior to application. If you aihp enjoyed this podcast, please subscribe. Could you please update your profile so it would help everyone and hte tracker, did you consider donating to IV for a good cause for all of us!?

cover letter for ainp

For people moving permanently at once, it’s not an issue because they can update their address after they rent a place. Interested in Alberta immigration? If you have a question, comment, thought or concern, you can do so by clicking here.

The Alberta Opportunity Stream was previously announced back in with a proposed launch date of January As a result of this uncertainty, every single person should apply under every category that they have the option of applying under. English is the main language used in Alberta. So we know that this is going to be related aunp the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

cover letter for ainp

Is that means letter which tells that I was working in so and so company? Question – I plan on getting my IA, passport photocopy, degree certificates notarized.

PNP: Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program | Canadian Immigration Podcast

Canada Express Entry Immigration Help? There are a few different programs that can be used to obtain permanent residency in Alberta, the most popular and effective route being the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program AINP.

Any application postmarked on or before 19th May will be considered under old list. Once again, I want to invite anyone who would like to leave a question for us to answer through this podcast through our website at www.


Ain your work permit by applying for a Bridging Open Work Permit. Can you tell me when did you apply?? Alberta Nominee Program Employer Eligibility: I think there is another forum on this site which tracks the application sent date and the lettfr of receiving the file number, I am gonna check that forum.

Be able to prove legal status if living abroad International Graduate Category This category of the AINP applies to graduates who studied at an eligible Canadian University or post-secondary education institute and has been offered a full-time, permanent job by an employer who is located in Alberta.

AlNP – What to do after you are nominated

Do ckver send your application to any other visa office. There is no guarantee that you will be issued an extension. I am an international graduate on a three year Post Graduate Work Permit. Hello I have canadian PR which is going to expire in Septembar this year. Hope I am clear in answering your questions. Can you please what exactly to write in this Same way Describe your ainl of Initial settlement in Alberta And Describe familarity with Alberta IF it would be great if you provide some kind of attachment and answer this above questions?

Can i still reapply? If IRCC accepts your application they will send you a file number and tell you the next steps.