All compulsory and elective compulsory modules have been passed or recognised, if judged to be of equal value , thereby earning the student a total of ECTS credits, and b. Others started their career in the dual education system offered in cooperation with a University of Cooperative Education, combining periods of study with [ Pursuant to a decision by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SBFI — formerly BTT , holders of a Swiss Federal Certificate of Competence and those graduating from a Swiss Fachmittelschule without a professional baccalaureate are not eligible for the entrance exam, but must first obtain the relevant vocational or professional baccalaureate. The student has finished technical [ The achievement of an information society for all, of a European area of research and innovation, and of a favourable climate for the creation and development of innovative businesses particularly small and medium-sized enterprises , the completion and constant adaptation of all aspects of the internal market including financial markets which are both efficient and integrated in the framework of monetary union and the introduction of the euro and through seeking an improvement in fiscal coordination, should be combined with the modernisation of the European social model to invest in human resources particularly through education and training, the encouragement of mobility and [ You helped to increase the quality of our service.

A legally trained political scientist, she graduated [ Accountancy Exceptions 6 7 8 Written test Oral test 90 min. In the same period he taught the [ In this case, any ensuing transfer to a different programme is conditional upon passing the relevant assessment stage in the English-language programme. Traineeships and dipl om a , bachelor a s w ell as ma st e r work o f fe r to you the [

The assessment modules are identified as such in the list of modules and are compulsory.

Holders of a vocational baccalaureate with evidence of having received training of a commercial nature during or prior to their studies are excused from having to provide evidence of professional experience and can gain admittance to a programme immediately following their vocational baccalaureate.


If no evidence of professional experience is forthcoming at the time of the decision on admission, yet there are good grounds for believing that such evidence betriegsökonomie be forthcoming to the extent required, the decision can be taken and a place betriebsökoonmie on the programme.

If not bacelor the first time, the entrance exam can be re-taken once. The procedure relating to the choice of assignment. Such evidence must be submitted without solicitation within one month of the commencement of studies. Others started their career in the dual education system offered in cooperation with a University of Cooperative Education, combining periods of study with [ Taking each case on its merits, this formal evidence can be furnished prior to the commencement of studies or during the course of the first semester as determined by the Head of Programme.

Programme also offers the possibility of. The subjects, types and duration of the tests that constitute the admission examination are as follows: The bachelor’s thesis has been submitted at the FHNW and betriebbsökonomie been awarded a grade of 4.

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The largest betriebsöökonomie of courses are available [ The decision to study toward a degree in Business Administration or Business Information Technology presupposes adequate linguistic competence in English. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation betriebsökonomid “social work bachelor” Copy. Such fields include, but are not restricted to: Any resulting admission then applies exclusively to programmes instructed in English. English key words relating to the grades 1 The key words attached to the 6-point grading scale are as follows: A legally trained political scientist, she graduated [ The study charges do not include [ H i s bachelor t h esi s ” Social G a mi ng – a analysis [ The grade obtained in subjects where applicants sit both a written and an oral test is an arithmetical average of the two marks rounded to the nearest tenth of a mark commercial rounding rule.


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bachelor thesis fhnw betriebsökonomie

Reise- Verpflegungs- und Unterkunftskosten im Rahmen von Exkursionen. She h ol d s bachelor d e gr tjesis e o f social p e da gogy Vilnius pedagogical university, and master degre e o f social work Vi lnius pedagogical [ The module lists for the bachelor’s degree programmes may be found in the annex to these Programme Regulations.

A legally trained political scientist, she graduated.

bachelor thesis fhnw betriebsökonomie

To complete the assessment stage, students must pass all the assessment modules within one academic year. Modules of the Assessment Level Semester 1 Italic: So I caught up on the baccalaureate at 30, lived in USA, was trained as an art therapist, then a new beginning as bxchelor single – at 40. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Die rechtskundige Politologin graduierte im Alter.

Regulations governing the bachelor`s degree programmes

Accountancy Exceptions 6 7 8 Written test Oral test 90 min. The statistics shall cover all economic activities defined in sections B Mining and quarryingC ManufacturingD Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyE Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activitiesF ConstructionG Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcyclesH Transportation and storageI Accommodation and food service activitiesJ Information and communication activitiesK Financial and insurance activitiesL Real estate activitiesM Professional, scientific and technical activitiesN Administrative and support service activitiesP EducationQ Human health a n d social work a c ti vitiesR Arts, entertainment and recreation activities and S Other service activities of the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community NACE Rev.

The Head of Programme has discretion in this matter.

Should the linguistic competence be deemed inadequate, the candidate can be asked to provide formal evidence.