We had great advisors that hammered us on those questions early. Vaxess was originally at the Harvard Innovation lab for a few years and is now at LabCentral. Vaxess aims to not only lower the cost of distribution, but also to increase access to life-saving products for people around the world. The auto industry background, quite frankly, has helped very, very little with the technical challenges we encounter in vaccine stabilization. This is actually really hard. Zumper will help connect landlords and brokers to qualified tenants, while also helping those tenants search for and close annual apartment leases in a much more transparent manner.

Lessons from successful pitch competitions and external partnerships. There are all of these operational day-to-day challenges that nobody really has insight into until they take the plunge of leading a company. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As a final question, we always like to ask what advice you have for budding undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoc biotech entrepreneurs. Coming out of an academic institution, nobody teaches you these things. Retrieved from ” https: Companies established in Pharmaceutical companies of the United States Privately held companies based in Massachusetts Companies based in Boston Biotechnology companies Health care companies based in Massachusetts.

Rent the Runway, Birchbox, and CloudFlare, to name a few. Next Post Shannon Pendergrast Latest news. And more importantly, who should venture capitalists, investment bankers, and others watch as a future hot IPO opportunity? Harvard Business School hosts one of the most influential business plan contests in the country. At one point, there was a philosophy of entrepreneurs finding a technology, starting a company, and then investors coming in from the outside to back them.


The technology uses a silk-derived protein called fibroin to stabilize vaccines so that they can be shipped and stored without refrigeration, eliminating the need for the cold chain. Still in stealth mode, this online platform wants to change how tenants rent pkan estate.

vaxess technologies business plan

Quite frankly, this entrepreneurial mantra of paying it forward and helping others in any way possible is overwhelmingly positive. Having a diverse, capable team is the other important techologies of startups. That candor, openness, and honesty is tefhnologies important when building partnerships.

Of course, as you move up the management chain, that vision expands. Retrieved from ” https: Tips for successfully navigating the biotech startup ecosystem. What are their biggest needs at the moment?

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Michael Schrader is co-founder and CEO of Vaxess Technologies, an innovative Cambridge-based company revolutionizing vaccine stabilization busines delivery through the development of novel silk-based technologies both in-house as well as through partnerships with leading vaccine and biopharma companies.

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vaxess technologies business plan

Retrieved 7 May If the answer is no, you can walk away more quickly and move onto better partnerships, and if the answer is yes you can think about how to tailor your product to fit their needs.

SaferTaxi takes a successful concept from the U.

Vaxess Technologies

The other thing is that I’ve seen very different approaches to management between my time in the auto industry and my brief internship in the tech sector. Coming out of an academic institution, nobody teaches you these things. Having exposure to those different management philosophies – again, all great companies where the system works for them – has helped us think more about the culture and organizational behavior we want to develop at Vaxess.


Judges selected these new venture ideas from more than entries presented by some of the top business school students in the world. The composition of the Vaxess team has made us unique from the start – I was a mechanical engineer turned business leader, we had a physicist turned lawyer, an economist, and a postdoc.

Retrieved 14 August This vaccine, made up of inactivated poliovirus, typically loses its effectiveness when freeze-dried. Archived from the original businesd 30 December This is actually really hard.

Vaxess Technologies – Michael A. Schrader Interview – News – Harvard Business School

You can make constructs that solubilize incredibly rapidly which we do with vaccine stabilization. Retrieved 19 December Both vaccines themselves and adjuvants that stimulate the immune system can businsss issues with freeze-drying.

We know how it acts in the human body, how it degrades, and we know its inflammatory and immunological profiles. Do you tailor pitches differently for competitions compared to those for VCs? Stay updated with new content every 2 weeks: