Pass the Written Comprehensive Exam. Jump to main content. Online Educational Psychology M. Today Contact for this Page: It is recommended that the student summarize the changes that have been incorporated into the revised proposal to assist the committee in identifying and locating the changes that have been made. You may schedule an appointment with Carol. Contact UNC 20th St.

During the proposal hearing, committee members will direct questions to the student and point out concerns regarding the proposed project. Please allow minutes. An Honorary committee member must apply for and receive Graduate Faculty Equivalence status. University faculty who have not been appointed Graduate Faculty, Doctoral Research or Emeritus Graduate Faculty status by the Graduate Council shall not be appointed as members of doctoral committees. Your advisor may expect you to schedule a committee meeting to defend your proposal. Online Educational Psychology Ph. For many students, it is the first step in developing a research program.

Make sure you know the Graduate School deadline for holding an oral defense. Once approved, it will be scheduled on the Graduate School Calendar www.

unco dissertation proposal

If you need to fill out a form, please visit the Graduate School forms page. Pass the Written Comprehensive Exam. Changes to the membership of a doctoral committee should be rare and made only after the student and the research advisor have consulted. If you are planning to leave UNC before graduation, please make sure to finish any Graduate School business before you leave. Doctoral proplsal advance to candidacy upon passing the written and oral comprehensive examinations and filing an approved dissertation proposal in the Graduate School.


The faculty representative must be present at both the proposal hearing and the final dissertation defense which will be a public hearing open to the academic community. One retake of your defense is permitted. This is done at the discretion of the committee. Up one level Courses and Credit Hours.

After Graduate School approval, you will receive final instructions from Disssrtation Steward. It is a good idea for the student to take careful notes of all comments and concerns made and then review the notes with the committee before the hearing is over to insure that all the requested changes are included. Each doctoral student must have an Advisor and a doctoral committee appointed before the written comprehensive exam is taken.

Complete the Request to Schedule a Doctoral Exam form.

unco dissertation proposal

All committee signatures must be obtained prior to submission of thesis. At minimum, a doctoral committee must consist of: Jump to main content. It is typical for corrections and revisions to be made to the document after the defense. There is a limit of three reviews per student per semester. An electronic copy of the approved proposal, signed signature page and signed non-plagiarism affirmation shall be submitted to the Graduate School.

Approval from the appropriate institutional review board IRM for human subject research or IACUC for animal research must be obtained prior to collecting data for the dissertation.

Any program requirement exceeding 12 credits of dissertation hours must first be approved by the Graduate Council and Graduate Dean. If the Dean objects, the proposal should be sent to the student and research advisor with specific written request for revisions.


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Required Steps in Doctoral Candidacy: The revised proposal should then be circulated with a signature page to the committee for review and signature if they approve of the revisions. You may not collect data until your IRB application is approved. Quicklinks Financial Matters Organization Chart. IRB approval may not be necessary if your data come from the undergraduate participant pool in the School of Psychological Sciences.

Confirm that your committee Research Advisor has reported results of the defense of your Doctoral Scholarly Project to the Graduate School by the published deadline. Results form must originate from the Graduate School. Upon being admitted to candidacy, the Graduate School will complete and email a Grad Check to the student through student’s Bear Mail.


The dissertation is a launching point for your career in academics. Quicklinks Financial Matters Organization Chart. A decision will be made as to disaertation you pass, pass with conditions, or do not pass your oral dissertation defense. Minimum credit for the dissertation proposal is 4 semester hours, and for the final dissertation is 12 semester hours.