Conflict has been a normal issue to siblings. Results from the study suggests that optimism during cancer treatment, different coping strategies and family support helped in the survival of women from Breast Cancer. Managing and Resolving Sibling Conflict. She is widowed for 6 years because her husband died due to sickness that had no findings. Aging is one factor of emergence of cancer in the body, the cells can accumulate regeneration and repair, it becomes less effective as the person grows older, which cause higher rate of prevalence of cancer among geriatric patients.

To which is why the researcher would want to dig deeper and shed light to the engagement to parasocial relationships with favorite bands because the researcher experienced those misunderstandings herself. In a longitudinal study Bussell, VA. Research shows that healthy relationships can help you live longer. Low social connectedness can lead to feels of depression, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health problems. Lumabas lamang ako e nakatingin na agad sayo mga tao e, lalo na pag nakabihis na ay nako Diyos ko, sasabihin pa sayo e Sama eka ako dyan, pagkakaperahan ba yan? The sample that fits the criteria for this study was diagnosed with cancer, went under treatment, and were years fully treated from breast cancer or maintaining current health status from the illness.

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After that, the responses thngkol the respondents were reviewed in kyltura to determine their connection with the purpose of the study. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Nagagawa ko parin makatawa at optimistic ako. Naipahayag niya na sinasadyang sirain ng mga tsismosa ang mabuting relasyon ng mag-asawa dahil sa inggit.

High levels of hope should promote well-being. Child Development, 80 5 The interview was conducted several times until the data needed were obtained.

Kasi nag-grow ako as a person being able to communicate with other people. He is 82 years old already, and still active in being a member of the parish. Nagbigay naman ng pangaral ang maybahay 5 na mag tiwala lamang dapat sa taong kinakasama upang hindi maapektuhan ng tsismis.


Ayon sa maybahay 1 at 5, natural lamang na makaranas s tsismis sa buhay dahil ito maiiwasan. Since her children are all boys and she is very emotional, she preferred to cool down first before talking to her children.

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Based on a survey among seventh and eighth graders, the study found that media exposure negatively predicted body image both directly and through a mediation process involving parasocial relationships with favorite characters, motivations to self-compare, and engagement in social comparison with them.

Moreover in the setup of parasocial relationship, according to Brooksthe viewer and or the fan is made to believe that the person on the screen or the artists in the music been listening into is communicating directly to them, even though the other participants, the artists or players, have no knowledge or attachment to fans, other than as an aggregation of numbers comprising an audience and their income.

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Dahil mahirap ng sawayin pag ganyan kasi iba na mga bata ngayon iba na ugali kaya mahirap silang disiplinahin. Results from the study suggests that optimism during cancer treatment, different coping strategies and family support helped in the survival of women from Breast Cancer. Upang higit na mas mapagtibay ang mga datos na nakalap, nais irekomenda ng mananaliksik na higit sa isang araw ang sesyon ng pakikipagkwentuhan upang makuha ng tuluyan ang tiwala ng mga kalahok at gawin itong grupo ng sa gayon ay makapagpalitan mas maraming kwento at pananaw ang mga kalahok.

Pero mas magco-confide ako sa group ko sa church o sa friends kesa sa family ko. This paper aims to analyze the legends and folktales about the Sampalok Lake in San Pablo, Laguna and its correlation to the everyday lives of the local fisherfolks.

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Emotion includes being disappointed and being in pain. Pero kasi nga masama kasi baka gawa-gawa lamang. Most secondary groups are short tunggkol, beginning and ending without particular significance.


Depression has been studied in a challenging manner, on the spectrum of sadness to major affective disorder, mood change occur often due to when patients are repeatedly confronted with threat to life, receiving cancer treatments, fatigued or experiencing pain.

thesis sa filipino tungkol sa kultura

Gossip as a Strategy for Status Enhancement. May ilan pang pag-aaral Angelis et. Confidentiality in their personal information was assured to the participants so that they will answer truthfully. Ayon sa kanila ang tsismis ay talagang nakasisira ng relasyon ng magkasintahan, nakawawatak ng pamilya, kapitbahay at nakakalala ng problemang hindi naman dapat pinapairal.

Lilitisin ng hukuman ang sinoman na nasangkot sa tsismis base sa kuro-kuro na nalikom. Social support is the perception and actuality that one is cared for, has assistance available from other people, and that one is part of a supportive social network. In a much broader sense, it actually constitutes two parties to which one party knows a great deal about the other while the other does not.

Results show an evidence that the theory of planned behaviour mediates the relation between depression and intentions to adhere to treatment plans and between depression and lack kulhura adherence to medication regime. In every society, the family is the most important primary group.

Until now her children are receiving support from their father for financial assistance. The first child of Mother B is a male 4th year student fioipino the second child is a female grade 8 student. Majority of the responses revealed that the conflict between the siblings stopped when their mother intervened.

Maraming tanim na gulay at mga prutas sa bawat bakuran ng mga bahay at ito ang pinipitas nila ffilipino maging pagkain sa umaga at tanghalian.