How do we grade questions? Plagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. Interpret your results in sentence form and expand it with simple and meaningful figures numbers. By Abg M Man. Refer to Appendix C. The subsequent pages should be written using Times New Roman, font size

Fish, crustacean and cephalopod fauna and their fisheries of the Paloh mangrove, Rajang Estuary, Sarawak. Sementara bentuk lisan yang ditranskripsikan seperti ucapan, wawancara, temu bual, perbualan dan sebagainya dalam pelbagai bentuk rakaman. IV List of Tables and Figures ………………………………………………….. Now it is up to you to show the information we need to help you. From the manual of the template: Students are advised not to use the chapter system, but should adhere to the section and sub-section system.

The publication year of the article 3. This section must be dated and signed by the student.

Thesis Format Page Guidelines

Paragraph format is preferred over point-form format. Literature Review This section should be devoted to the critical and relevant review of literature related to the studies. guidelinr

thesis guideline unimas

In a recent finding the expression of human kDa Myosin Light Chain MLC-2 gene was found to be down-regulated in the tumour colon tissue compared to the normal colon tissue.

The bp MLC-2 gene was successfully amplified by polymerase chain reaction and guidelije subsequently digested with 15 different restriction endonucleases.


thesis guideline unimas

Help Center Find new research papers in: From the manual of the template: This section should be written in past tense and passive voice style. Retrieved July 24,from http: Floristic compositions and structures of forest at Bario Thesls, Sarawak. Title of the article 4. The report of each student gukdeline be evaluated by the supervisor of that student and at least one examiner [lecturer s other than the supervisor or co-supervisor].

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, 2 3. The objectives of the research also should be included in this part.

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Two-photon polymerization for three-dimensional photonic devices in polymers and nanocomposites. Discussion This part should present the principles, relationships and general statements drawn based on the results obtained.

Table of Content All sections and their sub-sections hence, the headings and sub-headings should be listed appropriately with their associated page numbers. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Ghesis PolicyPrivacy Thessand our Terms of Service.

The font type and size for the main body of text should be Times New Roman, size If it is not for you, something funny is going on on your side which we cannot reproduce. Molecular Ecology, 10 1 The line spacing that should be used is double spacing including footnotes, lengthy quotations, appendices, and headings and subheadings. This should be done before the oral presentation session of the final year project.


Retrieved October 4,from http: State the trend, range and significant aspects of the tables you have presented.

thesis guideline unimas

Gen MLC-2 bersaiz bp berjaya diamplifikasikan dan di potong dengan 15 enzim penghadam yang berlainan. Reference from internet sources must include the retrieval date and URL address, and a hardcopy of the first page to the webpage should be attached as appendix. Limitations if any and recommendations where relevant can also be discussed.

Generally, each reference guidelone contain the following items: This section must NOT contain any in-text citation. Margin A4 size papers: If the study is the second part extension of the study submitted in the proposal STFthis section should not grossly deviate or is substantially different from the Literature Review section of the proposal STF The font type and size for legends and captions of tables and figures should be Times New Roman, size Retrieved March 21,from http: