Comparing civic spaces in long-term mental healthcare. Technology and the aging society. Ethnography in Empirical Ethics. Mogelijkheden en beperkingen in de zorg voor ouderen met een psychiatrische achtergrond in het verzorgingshuis. The author concludes that neither a caring utopia of self managing patients nor an uncaring high-tech health care system bears any resemblance to actual care practices employing telecare. Voorstructureringen in de zorg.

Brigit Obrist and Dr. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy , 21 1 , PhD committee, Academic medical Centre Amsterdam. Caring for healthcare professionals: Digital or Visual Products, Trimbos-insitute.

Philosophy of care, Amsterdam, AMC. What technologies can and cannot do.

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PhD committee, University of Amsterdam. Digital or Visual Products, Trimbos-insitute. Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum. Politicians promote telecare as an efficient and affordable solution in providing medical care for an ageing population.

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From de-scription to re-scriptionDepartment of philosophy, University of Tilburg. Empirical ethics and aesthetics in care. On the Closeness of Technology, a book published by Amsterdam University Press Politicians bijzndere telecare as an efficient and affordable solution in providing medical care for an ageing population.


Good relations with technology: Caring for healthcare professionals: Health Care Analysistuesis 3 Reinventing the individual in the sciencesSymposium: What Is a Good Life?

mw. prof. dr. A.J. (Jeannette) Pols

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy18 1 Goed leven met dementie, hoe doen we dat? Family practice30 6 The material side of nursing and care.

Huisarts en Wetenschap48 10 Making Big Words work. PhD committee, Erasmus University.

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The Heart of the Matter. Governance of telecare2 day workshop on telecare, policy and research, Glasgow, university of Strathclyde. Her research and teaching develop the ethnographic study of ethical questions.

thesis bijzondere jeugdzorg

Case management in Psychiatry for older people. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy21 1 Health Expectations18 3 The patients find that caring is something that is best done for others. Nooit te oud…Casemanagement in de ouderenpsychiatrie: About technonurses and empathetic machines.

Download de Kort, S. Good relations with technology. International advisor PhD projectThe realisation of the right to care of senior citizens in situations of welfare dependency: De belofte van technologie in jeuugdzorg zorg.


thesis bijzondere jeugdzorg

Fostering reflection and change regarding coercion and restraint. Log in to Personal Page Publication Selection tool to manage the visibility of bijzodere publications on this list. Wat technologie wel en niet kan.