NYC residents deserve a service that is reliable, accessible and affordable. Try using a more traditional calendar treatment for the election dates? What I decided to do was tackle the communication aspect of it. Office of city planning provides the street data to do this. I like this idea. Maybe make that more clear.

The first step is to RSVP: The Ballot info is hard because where it comes from varies: Try using a more traditional calendar treatment for the election dates? Slightly younger — early to late 20s. And then you can build a functioning app that is just v1 of the design. Voting data is a really complex set of data:

Ingrid Fetell Lee had us thinking color, squiggles, and even nursing homes. This second prototype is a working physical mock up of a wearable light temperature sensor that graphs exposure of light oxd over time for the wearer.

sva ixd thesis

You are commenting using your Google account. Crises generate more money… e.

The provide FREE technical assistance: Local govts have to do what they can. Sorry, no ideas here…. The other thing though is that elections should reflect their local culture. But this process has been and continues to be fun.

sva ixd thesis

Presentations, prototypes play, and keynote by the fabulous Candy Chang. A box that one can place his or her smartphone in, encourages people to use that time for different activities. Show me election type up front! It surfaces first-hand accounts on the repercussions of surveillance culture on personal and professional life. On the power thedis money: This culminated in the Help America Vote Act of Take advantage of those extra daylight hours and register for our Summer Intensive in Interaction Design: More likely to be resistant to giving personal information.


Who I spoke with: This is how the do it:. Seems both dangerous and pointless.

Hello! I’m Nour Malaeb.

To begin the process towards making prototypes, rather than get submerged in research, we did role-playing exercises acting out possible scenarios with svq objects or systems.

The biggest changes are:. Like the recent debacle in Arizona. Virginia – every single election, even in small towns, is run by the state.

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Virginia to very decentralized e. Require username and password at that point. Each student then wrote about the evolution of their thesis thus far, and its relation to the field of interaction design. Check out our new summer class Sga Product Design: Using the framework of a habit loop as the basis for the design, the cue to sa with the phone would be the idle time experienced by the user, the new routine is offered to the user by choosing their circumstance and the reward is the resulting observation, reflection or relaxation for the user and the ability to view an overall record of entries.


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Create a website or blog at WordPress. Read more about the Tgesis we hosted in partnership with The Noun Projectwhere participants created more equal and accurate representations of women: The way they get their data for this tool is basically a bunch of interns do a lot of phone calling.

View the app live HERE. Voting data is a really complex set of data: NYC is really decentralized: In general, it seems to be the case that there are 2 types of users: