Supportive details are contributory to the result in inclusive argumentation of a text. Minimizing basic human hindrances, particularly language incompetence, is taken as the focal point in various academic contexts Paul, ; Paul and Elder, ; Paul and Norsich, As students were seen making themselves busy exploring the meaning of each linguistic feature before the treatment, the researcher integrated various activities of making inferences from selected linguistic components over the surface of the text right after accurate understandings were recognized. The ways we think are called the Elements of Thought. Clearly identify your assumptions and determine whether they are justifiable. According to Dhanapal, the design of every lesson has to organize critical reading activities ranging from conceptualizing a text to evaluating arguments.

It pushes us to be impartial and evenhanded toward other positions. The pre-test and post-test designed to assess the effect of the intervention on students critical reading performance was analyzed and the results, as implied in Table 5 below, revealed that there was a significant mean gain owing to the infusion of intellectual standards of critical thinking. Owing to these perceptual changes, Consider how your assumptions are shaping your point of view. The ultimate goal, then, is for these questions to become infused in the thinking of students, forming part of their inner voice, which then guides them to better and better reasoning. Experience in teaching reading also revealed that many English language students are incompetent and less interested to critical reading activities.

A line of reasoning may be clear accurate, precise, relevant, and deep, but thijking breadth as in an argument from either the conservative or liberal standpoint which gets deeply into an issue, but only recognizes the insights of one side of the question. Is there another way to look at this question? How could we find out if that is true?


If you want to think well, you must understand at least the rudiments of thoughtthe most basic structures out of which all thinking is made.

The intervention measure taken employed constructive approach of language teaching whereby the gateway standards meant to clarify the overview of textual discourse, ground the higher evaluativeand reflective intellectual standards.

To think critically entails having command of these standards. Do I have a vested interest in this issue? Their reading proficiency is by far tsandards than the expected level. Intellectual standards and thought: However the practice of These pages are self-guided and self paced, allowing you to move back and forth between the elements and standards.

Significance compels us to include the most important ideas. How is that connected to the question?

Universal Intellectual Standards

This task of analysis has been challenging as it requires regressive deduction and evaluation of textual components. Breadth encompassing multiple viewpoints Do we need to look at this from another perspective?

On the other hand, most courses and reading tasks highly demand students’ critical reading performance Siegel et al, Concerning the significance of the evidences in the argument, Significance focusing on the important, not trivial Is this standafds most important problem to consider?


Hosseini et al studied the relationship between reading strategies, critical thinking and reading comprehension, and proved that they have positive and significant relations.

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According to table 2, many students The students test scores were almost at the same level of variability regarding comprehension, synthesis and evaluation. They are means to realize individual virtues. It was also revealed from the actual observation of the intervention that students gave little concern to accomplish critical reading tasks.

It forces us to explore the complexities.

The Intellectual Standards

Translate this page from English Make sure you are using concepts with precision. Many others, however, trouble to look into the ideas implied at various surfaces of the text. How could we find out if that is true?

Students need to have certain commitments, which Duzer and Florez stated as habits of mind. Hence, classroom application of these standards should always be sought to bring about changes in attitude and practice. Following the efforts exerted to realize such intents, Check inferences for their consistency with each other.

standards of critical thinking nosich

When everything that is essential is included, then we find Significance. Trace the implications and consequences that follow from your reasoning. For example, the question, “What can be done about the education system in America?