On 23 April, Kunwar Singh had a victory near Jagdishpur over the force led by Captain Le Grand, but the following day he died in his village. The fact of the matter is that this democracy of ours is the blessing of the brave martyrs like Veer Kunwar Singh and others who had lit the flame of Freedom of India. Kunwar Singh was one of the most important freedom fighters in the Sepoy Mutiny of Pursued by Brigadier Douglas, he retreated towards his home in Ara, Bihar. During his struggle, he took several initiatives for the betterment of the Indian society and challenged social taboos which were impeding growth. Singh assumed command of the soldiers who had revolted at Danapur on 25 July. Fighting against British, he is the only freedom fighter in the world who had offered his injured hand to the river Ganga after receiving shot in the arm, fired by the British army.

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Kunwar Singh

This was the first incident in the history of the world, in which 80 year old fighter had challenged the British with the sword. Kunwar Singh initially did not understand the deceptions of the British.

short essay on veer kunwar singh in english

Home table of content united architects essays table of esssy all sites see also alexander pope an essay on criticism, by. Under the command of Major Vincent Eyre, the British troops won and destroyed the city of Jagdishpur. Giani Pritam Singh Dhillo Though persistently pakistan is facing problems but currently load shedding, terrorism and inflation are the key factors which are crippling the.


We are providing many paragraphs, short essay in very simple language with the boundaries of different words jn. Hence his effort for construction of the secular Indian Society into a society full of communal harmony may be compared with that of only two great personalities of our whole Indian history.

In those same days Kunwar Singh gave rise to many revolutionary organizations against the British. Soon after he fought his last battle near Jagdishpur on the 23rd April, in which the British forces were completely routed.

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Under the leadership of Capt. Introduction on research essay Describing the shopping mall free essays — studymode descriptive essay-describe the scene at the shopping complex, wan munirah of. Begum Kudsia Aizaz Rasul. Inthe responsibility of managing his native landowner on Kunwar Singh came into effect.

short essay on veer kunwar singh in english

He belonged to the Ujjainiya Rajput clan. Male Freedom Fighters of Thus, he came outside the boundary of Bihar and passing through Mirzapur Vijaygarh he reached Reevan, Robertsganj, Faizabad, and Azamgarh. Jaiwant Paul 1 August Singh assumed command of the soldiers who had revolted at Danapur on 25 July. Chandel Rajput is also with them. Some argue that the latter was the real reason behind Kunwar Singh’s initial military success. Some historians point out their date of birth 12 Aprilthen some consider the approximate Follow us Facebook Twitter instagram pinterest.


They besieged Ara on 27th July under the leadership of Veer Kunwar Singh and this town came under his complete control.

Kunwar Singh, an 80 yr old man who cut his own arm for Indian freedom!!!

Dunbar, soldiers reached across the river. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce the contents in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of Jupiter Infomedia Ltd. He used to earn Rs 6 lakh cash per annum from landlord. Even then, his heroics and persona convinced the troops of British East India Company at Danapur Bihar to revolt and swore their allegiance to Kunwar.

One particular folk song states: In March he occupied Azamgarh and managed to repel the initial British attempts to take the area. The mantle of the old chief now fell on his brother Amar Singh who, despite heavy odds, continued the struggle and for a considerable time ran a parallel government in the district of Shahabad.

In the last era of Kunwar Singh, he was confronted with the army of the Grand. Two days later he occupied Arrah, the district headquarters. This joy was celebrated by organizing victory ceremony on 23rd April, but Veer Kunwar Singh died on 26th April,