Submit an approved thesis, meeting all thesis requirements and deadlines. Both the mandatory draft submission and the final copy must be submitted online. Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission Number them consecutively throughout, beginning with 1, or by chapter using a decimal system. In a summative writing field it’s relatively unlikely that you’ll have to go back and make big changes as that would strongly suggest that the underlying research is flawed. The honors thesis will be prepared by the student and the honors thesis supervisor.

Before your submit your thesis, please use the Thesis Submission Guide to inform you of the submission process. Usually a single section is more convenient and useful for both author and reader. A rule of thumb to use in deciding whether given materials are tables or figures is that tables can be typed, but figures must be drawn. Sociological Thesis The formatting requirements in this guide apply to all schreyer honors theses. The SHC does not limit your area of honors to your major. Research Questions — This final section of the proposal should provide at least 4 Four main questions that will guide the researcher in their collection of data and writing of the thesis. Contact your academic college Dean’s office to do this.

Note that a student may have more than one area of honors for a thesis, in which case the thesis proposal and final submission must be approved by one thesis honors advisor in each area a thesis may have only one thesis supervisor.

Thesis Project Guide | Schreyer Honors College (SHC) at Penn State

If corrections are required, your file will be deleted and you will be asked to make the changes and upload a new file immediately Buy now Schreyer Honors College Thesis Screyer Thesis Questionnaire About Bullying It is best to place a table or figure immediately after the first mention of it in the text on the same page if there is room, or on the following page.

Cite Appropriately It’s very likely that your thesis will quote from the works of others to some extent. Submit a thesis proposal one year prior to graduation Have a current annual Schreyer Plan on file with the Schreyer Honors College Submit an honors thesis by the appropriate deadline Obtain a cumulative GPA of 3.


Currently enrolled students may apply to join the Schreyer Honors College. While a good thesis can come of a strained supervisor-student relationship, it’s not likely.

Research-Oriented Majors You should avoid the temptation to stick with your first lab placement merely out of convenience if the topic is not interesting schreyeg you. Number them consecutively throughout, beginning with 1, or by chapter using a decimal system.

File Intent to Graduate. This approval is vital because it’s the University’s formal statement that the thesis project you propose represents adequate accomplishment in a given field, not just as an isolated colleg of work. A Thesis Needs A Thesis. The Fair Use Checklist is an excellent tool in making a fair use determination.

schreyer honors college thesis proposal

If you wish to enter the Schreyer Honors College as a Paterno Fellow, or if you have questions about your eligibility, please contact your Liberal Arts adviser and do not submit an application. If you need to defer your graduation with honors in order to complete the honors thesis, you may do so without registering for any courses or paying any tuition for the following semester. Then, add additional propisal for vollege other content as separate uploads. In a summative writing field it’s relatively unlikely that you’ll have to go back and make big changes as that would strongly suggest that the underlying research is flawed.

Please bring a word document version of your thesis with you on a thumb drive in order to easily make any requested changes. Thesis Expectations Schreyer Scholars as a group are among the most capable undergraduates at Penn State or anywhere else, and may even be superior to many graduate students in terms of raw ability, but they are still undergraduates.

Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission

Uploading Video, Audio or Large Images If your thesis content is such that you feel you need to upload content other than text to properly represent your work, upload the textual portion of your thesis first as a single, standalone PDF file. Contact Questions about thesis honors advisor roles and responsibilities should be directed to: Acknowledgments are not a required component of an honors thesis. It will not be possible to make changes or corrections to your thesis after final approval by the Honors College.


After your electronic final submission, approvals are needed by faculty; then your thesis will be reviewed one final time by the Honors College.

schreyer honors college thesis proposal

If using display pages, the number of the display page should appear in the table of contents. Please be aware that only full-time, tenure track faculty can function as thesis supervisors. Abrokwaa — cka1 psu. Because the thesis honors advisor must deal with the thesis supervisor from a position of equal authority and without fear of repercussions beyond the inevitable awkwardnessonly the most senior and research-accomplished non-tenure-line faculty will be approved for upper-division honors advising.

Defer Graduation with Honors. If specific lab resources are needed then you can’t stray too far, but if general intellectual mentoring is the extent of the required supervision then you have more flexibility, including the flexibility to choose a topic that doesn’t align closely with the supervisor’s specialization. Even within a honorw discipline some subfields are thickly populated while some aren’t, which opens up the possibility of making a bigger noise in the latter even as an undergraduate.

In some cases, additional coloege have also been established by the academic unit e. They make this job harder than it need be when they think that there is only One Right Way to do it, that each paper they write has a preordained structure they must find. It must not have a page number and must not be listed in the Table of Contents.

The text or body of the thesis must begin on page 1. The feasibility of a given thesis problem is bounded, as mathematicians might say, by several factors including: In the case that these are the same person, a second reader will need to be selected. In a formative writing field it’s the norm. co,lege