Emily Madrigal ’17 Program 2. The senior thesis represents the most sophisticated original research and writing that you will undertake as an undergraduate at Princeton. Retrieved 28 July Michaela Yazer Milgrom ‘ During the latter period, Lee wrote in , “An Essay in Vindication of the Continental Colonies of America,” one of his more noted works.

John ’15 Program 2. Louisa Willis ’17 Program 2. Kai Song-Nichols ’15 Program 2. This page was last edited on 8 May , at Robert Lambeth III ‘ Isabel Flower ’13 Program 2. Aislinn Smalling ’12 Program 3.

Lee criticized Franklin’s extravagant lifestyle and told Sam Adams he would never be a good negotiator between a free people and a tyrant. Retrieved 22 January Maura O’Brien ’14 Program 2.

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William Mills Ivins, Jr. Julia Meng ’14 Program 2. Cemil Revan Purington ‘ Isabel Flower ’13 Program 2.

He studied law in London, passing the bar, and practising there from to Anna Kalfaian ’17 Program 2. April Lee ’15 Program 2. Margaret Craycraft ’15 Program 2.


Contributions to a census of American Latin Prose, — — In: Diana Clark Murphy ‘ Journal of Neo-Latin Studies, Vol. Suhryoung Christine Chun ‘ John ’15 Program 2. Richard Lee II, was the son of Col.

This page was last edited on 8 Mayat Carly Marie Pope ’16 Program 3. Ssam paternal grandmother, Laetitia, was the daughter of the Lees’ neighbor and councillor attorneyHon.

Sydney King ’17 Lanzdowne 2. Emily Madrigal ’17 Program 2. Katherine Mary Kanehann ‘ Alexis Foster ’17 Program 2. Biographical Dictionary of the U.

Arthur Lee (diplomat)

In many cases, the area and topic that you select will influence the direction of your future professional career, and the relationship that you establish with your thesis adviser will be important for your admission to graduate and lansdowbe school and job placement.

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Tiffany Cho ’17 Program 2. He opposed the Townshend acts and became a major proponent of American resistance to the British.


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This fine mansion still stands in Urbanna[6] a small waterfront town on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula. Oliver and Boyd,p. Retrieved 28 July Lex Brown ’12 Program 2. In addition to his diplomatic duties, Lee was arguably one of America’s first spies. Arthur Lee 20 December — 12 December was a physician and opponent of slavery in colonial Virginia in North America who served tesis an American diplomat during the American Revolutionary War.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Adam Locher ’17 Program 2.