What a stupid article …. No institute can help you become entrepreneur, thats the bottom line. The probability of it being an exactly round number is less than the probability of getting into McKinsey… Log in to Reply. It would be great if you could leave your attention-grabing opinion inave bside your living room. Professors, Students and Recruiters — all are.

Follow them, network with them and make them happy. Being associated with IIM Rohtak since its formative years is a matter of pride for me. You must be logged in to post a comment. The curriculum, though rigorous, brought out the best in me and unearthed my leadership qualities. Very Sarkari 8 Fresher girls get placed fast and easily so. That guys in most IIMs are desperate is an understatement.

They are fun and an excellent opportunity to meet jim people. Sameer 7 years What is globing?? Answered Aug 4, A good professor can make attending lectures a delight.

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Being an entrepreneur while being on campus is cooler. Professors, Students and Recruiters — all are. The author has unequivocally stated studg feelings about the IIMs, these contain both some complaints and also a good outline of the opportunities available.

Somil 8 years I guess one would understand them better by actually being in an IIM. Kavya Sarangan 8 years It’s nice that you have penned these down. It has been five years since I finished college and it still helps me on a regular basis, be it any request to the officials or with the soft power of the IIM brand. The focus of the programme is on general management orientation and practical knowledge with an emphasis on inculcating exemplary leadership in challenging managerial situations.


50 Things You Must Know About IIM ⋆

Not sure about the very first point though; dase where I stand, left-right-front-back, an IIM Admit does look like a ticket to happiness. I am proud to have been a part of the institution that IIMs are. I can confidently claim that PGP course has given me more clarity in how I approach my thoughts, my career, and my life. Follow them, network with them and make them happy. Very few succeed 14 There are a lot of professors who are there just to make up the numbers.

It is one of the biggest things to be not only at NM but also in Mumbai. Anyways its an individual opinion Log in to Reply.

This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and pagallguy you where to buy. Good professors will make you pay for it 23 Teaching associates check your exam papers. This course not only provides armory of skills, but also develops capabilities to be better in the industry.

pagalguy case study iim

The institute lived up to its promise of providing a high standard of education, peer network and job placement in the industry and the city I so wanted. Avijit 8 years Agree on most Log in to Reply.

50 Things You Must Know About IIM

In desperate times, placement policies force such an effect. The feedback you csse will help us show you more relevant content in the future.


pagalguy case study iim

There are always few people who cant see things right Log in to Reply. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price.

pagalguy case study iim

It would be great if you could leave your attention-grabing opinion inave bside your living room. Ask people who have just been placed.

A major academic objective of IIM Rohtak is to actively promote professional development of practicing managers, through well designed and delivered Management Development Programmes MDPs. Through this course I have acquired new skills which helps in taking day to day business decisions which has improved efficiency and effectiveness at workplace. If nothing they are nice stories to read. After 11 years of work experience in various domains of management, I felt the necessity to expand my business knowledge through an MBA degree.

This program is for industrious participants interested in working in the sports, entertainment and related industries. I guess one would understand them better by actually being in an IIM.

A boring engineer with IT work ex of over 3 years is a pain for the placement committee. Graduates of this program will be equipped to pagalfuy the regulatory, revenue and branding forces at work in the sports industry, nationally and globally.