Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions, and the nuclear interaction: The Kuo–Brown effective interaction: Determining effective charges using complementary probes: Benchmarking Nuclear Fission Theory: Austin, Christopher West, and Alexander Heger. Spectroscopy of 28 Na: Sheikh, and Yue Shi.

Active targets for the study of nuclei far from stability: Interplay between sequential and prompt two-proton decay from the first excited state of 16 Ne: Extraction of thermalized projectile fragments from a large volume gas cell: Twist-averaged boundary conditions for nuclear pasta Hartree-Fock calculations: Evolution of Collectivity in 72 Kr:

Shell evolution toward the drip line: Solenoid-based focusing lens for the low-beta section of a superconducting proton linac: Shape coexistence in 68 Ni: Direct and indirect measurements of the density and temperature dependence of E sym: Austin, Christopher West, and Alexander Heger.

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Determining effective charges using complementary probes: Magnus expansion and in-medium similarity renormalization group: Zegers, Thomas Grubb, and Sam M. Identification of isomeric nuclear states produced in fragmentation reactions with radioactive beams: Digital data acquisition system implementation at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory: A multiple parallel-plate avalanche counter for fission-fragment detection: Neutron single-particle strength in silicon isotopes: Extraction of thermalized projectile fragments from a large volume gas cell: Establishing a theory for deuteron-induced surrogate reactions: Toggle Search and Navigation Menu.


Spectroscopy of narrow, high-lying, low-spin states in 20 Ne: Core excitations across the neutron shell gap in Tl: Zeller, American Institute of Physics p.

msu nscl thesis

Properties of nuclei in the nobelium region studied within the covariant, Skyrme, and Gogny energy density functionals: A cosmic-ray veto detector for capture-reaction measurements: Inverse-kinematics proton scattering on 50 Ca: Studies of nuclei in vicinity of 48 Ni using a time projection chamber with optical readout – Peaslee, Kelly Petrasky, Paul A. Excited states in the neutron-rich nucleus 25 F: Effects of processing history on the thesks of surface damage layer and dislocation substructure in large grain niobium cavities: Bui Minh Loc, Dao T.

Zelevinsky, American Institute of Physics p. Overview of neutron star equations of state 40 years of X-ray bursts: Penning trap mass measurements utilizing highly charged ions as a path to benchmark isospin-symmetry breaking corrections in 74 Rb: Pygmy dipole resonance in Sn populated by inelastic scattering of 17 O: Gamow-Teller response in deformed even and odd neutron-rich Zr and Mo isotopes: Competing particle-hole excitations in 30 Na: Brown, and Dany Page.


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msu nscl thesis

Langer, 1 p. Transverse acceptance calculation for continuous ion beam injection into the electron beam ion trap charge breeder of the ReA post-accelerator: