Aesthetics of the Past–rebellions for the Future. Dubai, the City as Corporation. How have the intentions identified in the first section been implemented or neglected, and what sorts of research and development went into the design process? While Shakhbout was friendly to Western oil companies seeking to explore for oil reserves, he hesitated to invest any part of the large fortune he quickly amassed from granting drilling rights to foreign corporations in infrastructure, hospitals, schools, or major development projects for his emirate and his people; he did not want to change the character of Abu Dhabi, which, at that point, had remained historically an undeveloped desert landscape roamed by the autochthonous nomadic Bedouins and their camels, solely punctuated by a collection of mud huts and the Hosn Palace fig. We begin first by looking at the micro scale of the street-level.

The processes of design and planning require time, and the benefits tend to be long term. In Abu Dhabi, an architect from Foster and Partners who worked closely on Masdar City led me on a thorough tour of the site and kindly answered all of my many questions. New York, London, Tokyo. Species and Spaces, People and Places. This is especially evident along the southwest edge of the city, but it can be found in various other parts of the city as well. To be fair, though, the rulers of Abu Dhabi share equal blame, for they are funding these narratives as they continue to manufacture heritage and consume tradition. This type of zoning is a condition that is shared by many other cities around the world Los Angeles is the first that comes to mind , and it engenders unnecessary sprawl and an inefficient use of land and resources, both of which are contrary to the founding principles of Masdar.

The London Centre of Arab Studies, A Story of Abu Dhabi London: For them, the family writ large permitted the doing of tasks as well as the protection from strange males because the local neighborhood was an extension of the home and therefore the family. And what are the implications of taking the form of a city like Old Cairo, a form that was shaped by hundreds of years of organic, informal growth, as the starting point for new contemporary designs.


Species and Spaces, People and Places. This phenomenon is not idiosyncratic to Abu Dhabi. Oscar Niemeyer dissertxtion Tripoli, Lebanon. This project is essentially a contemporary shopping mall in the guise of a traditional souq, 88 For more information on the National Commerce Bank Headquarters, see Carol Krinsky, Gordon Bunshaft: These architects have overlooked that in its origins, Islamic architecture was carefully designed, addressing local needs, climate, and building materials.

masdar city dissertation

From its conception, msdar Masdar Company promoted Masdar City as a new master- planned urban development, a zero-carbon, zero-waste eco-city with no adverse environmental impact.

The fact is that the ideal of separation between the sexes is best achieved by the wealthy who can afford to duplicate space and can afford the servant or slave girls who were never guarded from male sight or contact.

masdar city dissertation

Beyond the significant difference in street-level temperatures between Masdar City and Abu Dhabi—enough to make a pedestrian at Masdar feel only mildly uncomfortable compared to a pedestrian in Abu Dhabi who could collapse from heat exhaustion at any moment—there is also an important difference between the radiant temperature at each location.

One city diwsertation particular importance to their research was Shibam, Yemen fig.

Masdar City: A Dream of the sustainable city | Daniels

According to the tests conducted during one summer day, at Masdar City when the air 70 Jean-Marc Castera designed the modular pattern, and this pattern has been applied in various ways all over Masdar City and at the Central Souq in downtown Abu Dhabi.

Maasdar seeking to develop strategies for nasdar energy consumption across the board and passively countering the effects of the unforgiving desert climate, Foster turned the attention of his firm to older cities in similar ecological milieus. This is visible in the infrared image of Abu Dhabi with all of the blue around the buildings.

Theories of Urban Design New York: According to the architect from Foster and Partners whom I dissertafion, the biggest issue with Masdar is that it lacks a champion, someone within the ruling elite to fully support its cause. Wiley, Sandy Isenstadt and Kishwar Rizvi Seattle: Mitchell goes on to argue: He also categorizes two types of urban voids: Both projects take into account a sense of a critical regionalism—albeit in a manner that conflates the specific and idiosyncratic region of the Gulf peninsula with that of the larger MENA region—one that is based on the ecological environment and not just decorative styles, building upon the work of Doxiadis and SOM.


Species and Spaces, People and Places, eds. For example, the decorative mashribiyyas designed by the artist Jean-Marc Castera on the Masdar Institute residential units fig.

By this, I mean that cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are cities with wide thoroughfares and a panoply of maadar rise buildings, cities that are not pedestrian friendly and require an automobile to navigate them. Notice the platform that the buildings rest upon and the multiple levels of undercroft spaces, subdivided by function.

A reflective foil-clad inner layer behind the cushions sends light to the pedestrian below. And how does Masdar compare to other planned cities in the MENA region of the twentieth century, as well as to other projects that Foster and Partners have worked on in the region? Oriental City of the Twenty-First Century.

Masdar City: A Dream of the sustainable city

We are doing some of our largest projects in the desert, for example, in extreme climatic conditions, and that suggests a certain kind of response. Archive Editions, He was interested in learning from those cities how they managed to stay relatively cool before the advent of modern active climate control systems and incorporating those findings into his designs of Masdar City.

British Policy in the Persian Gulf, – Given the way oil is so heavily subsidized in the UAE and other countries in the GCC Gulf Cooperation Councilwhy should Abu Dhabians be bothered to worry about their enormous ecological footprints and disertation making changes to the comfortable status quo.

masdar city dissertation

Planning Middle Eastern Cities: