However, it should be guarded against cannibalisation risks emanating from its e-commerce channels. The first step of any effective China market entry strategy is to identify Zara embraces the strategy to focus on operations which can enhance cost efficiency thereby conducting most of the processes in-house. Zara also launches products amounting 10, new designs annually. Challenging markets like the Chinese one are very important for Zara to reach through the online store: Particularly, a remarkable key success factor of Zara is the speed at which the company creates and delivers new products to stores. Amongst the motivations to strategise are to grow fast ahead of the competitors, grow in the line with the industry or to simply catch up and defend an existing status.

As such, market entry decisions are a multi-approach that requires careful consideration of the firm seeking to widen economies of scope and reach. The aim of the analysis is to deeply understand the internationalization strategy of the company, underlining the main factors that contribute to the global growth. Partnering can occur in any expansion but is most beneficial in the international market. The name Tata in India is a brand to reckon with and helped Zara with market penetration. The group was born in and in 1 Badia Enrique, Zara come si confeziona il successo. This incredible growth and progress has made Zara business model and strategy one of the most successful in the business world.

Zara as a case study. Zara employed intermediate modes and entered into joint ventures Germany and India and franchising Kuwait, Andorra, Puerto Rica etc.

market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china

Finally, franchising, that is an arrangement where the franchiser sells intangible property and has strict control on the running of the business, is used to penetrate markets that are internatkonalisation less significant or that have an high business risk. Market analysis in the Marketing strategy knternationalisation Zara should take note, however, that market entry decisions depend on the resources and the ability to sustain the competitive edge.


The second strategy is adopted for expanding the business in Germany, Italy and Japan. Click here to sign up.

Choosing The Right Czse Log In Sign Up. Zara comes out with 11, collections fashion items per year as compared to its rivals who introduce two collections Temporal, At the later phases Zara moved toward geocentric orientation by adopting local solutions rather than merely replicating the home market.

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Conclusion Globalization has created new markets but has also resulted in increased competition and new challenges in the market place. Internationalization strategy and globalization Zara operates on the global scene through: This process allows the company to achieve greater flexibility and to get items in store within few weeks.

The quick-response capability of Zara is made possible by the three main stages that define the competitive edge of the company: During this robust also Toyota shrategy already answered exporting its market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china to gain access on the duties Why is China an attractive market?

market entry strategy case study zara internationalisation in china

In this incredibly technological center placed in La Coruna, data are collected, coming from more than stores, offices and logistic platforms worldwide, then, these data are matched and studied to make accurate statistics, in order to understand latest trends and to direct the production phase and all the other technologies In terms of marketing approach, the considerations include the 4Ps inherent to the Chinese consumers and business environment.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Internationalisation of the Spanish fashion brand Zara The aim of this report intrrnationalisation to analyze the most influential aspects that have made the internationalization strategy of Zara successful and to identify the limits and the opportunities of growth for Zara in the international scenario.


Help Center Find new research papers in: In particular, the issues analyzed concern technological developments and internatuonalisation marketing strategy that have contributed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Internationalization from Singapore to China. Then, Zara strategy of internationalization is supported by an high technological development, that allows the company to monitor all the stages of the supply chain strictly.

Also, there is no doubt that it has helped the company improve its overall visibility. Finally the company’s commitment in sustainable projects is a necessary activity to increase global recognition and to communicate a positive brand image of Zara in the international scenario.

market entry strategy case study of zara internationalisation in china

Moreover, Zara introduced a page on facebook dedicated to Customer Care, where the company directly answer to all the complaints and the needs of customers.

Iglika Karakusheva Student Number: International Marketing-Zara Case Study. For what concerns Biodiversity, they are involved in actions as Terra Project to improve forest projects and to create a seed bank in Galicia, and in other actions as Textile Exchange, Better Cotton Initiative and with WWF that are mainly involved in protection and certification sfrategy organic raw material such as cotton China, and India Matic Partnering can occur in any expansion but is most beneficial in the international market.

Managing Brands in a Changing World.

It also helps generate economies of scale as multiple- brand strategy results in sharing of advertising, sales, merchandising, physical distribution, and production costs.

Internationalization of the Spanish fashion brand Zara.