The number of revolutions is recorded over time and an average is determined. Scarborough 2 Coastal processes and erosion landforms. The cost of maintenance over a set time year period should be found in the same documentation and used for your calculation. This information can then be used to calculate Hudson’s equation see Data Analysis. Coasts menu Where do you want to go now?

The sample points could still be identified randomly A or systematically B within each separate area of woodland. Land use type can be recorded as a tally as shown above, values for different types of land use can also be found in secondary sources. A pilot survey will show whether the criteria you have chosen are appropriate. Material in one place is eroded, transported then deposited elsewhere. Wind valve measures wind direction. Keith Barlett from the Royal Manor Arts College in Dorset has written an article introducing an investigation which uses this methodology.

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Each technique could be assessed in terms of its effectiveness at reducing rates of recession. Notify me of new comments via email. Find out about coastal erosion Find out about coastal depostion.

longshore drift coursework

Physical impact of coastal management 5. The material of the cliff soaks up the rainfall.


Rip-rap volume and weight measurements Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence. The c-axis is the shortest axis Measuring shape The simplest way to record pebble shape is to classify the stone as very angular, angular, sub-angular, sub-rounded, rounded or very rounded using a Power’s Scale of Roundness. Data collected using this technique can be used to create beach profiles. A random number grid showing methods of generating random numbers, lines and areas.


Maps and aerial photographs Historical maps and photographs Wind and wave data.

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Lonvshore are three main processes at work in the sea. This means that you normally end up taking more slope readings, but the profile that you draw is more accurate. Coastal Landforms of Deposition. Beach profiles Coarse sediment analysis: This information can then be used to calculate Hudson’s equation see Data Analysis.

Coastal Management – FSC Geography Fieldwork

Measure the angle of rest of the boulder – is the widest facing facing straight into the waves, or does it lie at an angle? Drainage Basin Hydrological System.

In its simplest form likelihood can be scored depending on the estimated height of the sea defence above a high tide or storm tide. This makes the readings fair. The movement of material along the coast is called longshore drift.

View the coasts menu. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This process is repeated continuously. You can collect field data on the effectiveness of the rip-rap simply by measuring the length, width and height of each boulder.


Sampling is done at the nearest feasible place. Arranging interviews with representatives from companies or retailers can be tricky too, especially as you may want to interview someone who is quite high up in the company rather courswork just the Saturday job coutsework. Method All Geography starts with someone going into the field to find out what’s there.

longshore drift coursework

This usually occurs in one direction as dictated llongshore the prevailing wind. Gravity causes the, now heavy, cliff to collapse. Investigating the impact of tourism and recreation.

longshore drift coursework

After 20 minutes find as longshorf pebbles as you can, and measure how far each has moved from the start point. Microclimate data can be collected in any location, including the school grounds. A study of the range of different techniques used to manage the cliffs could highlight costs and benefits as well as potential impacts on physical processes and human activity.

Cup Anemometer and wind valve: