Also, some of these machines are designed for a particular type of crop and cannot be used for other crops. There are also several manually operated kitchen—size chipping and slicing machines in the market. Ingram observed that peeling and slicing of tubers were done manually. Thus, slices with thickness of between 4. All the sample sizes for carrot responded to slicing the same way. Transactions of the ASAE, pp. McGraw-Hill Publishers Incorporated;

He further stated that during cutting, various deformations occur in the material, depending on the form of the cutting edge and the kinematics of the process. According to FAO , A conveying disc of 25 mm diameter serves as a picker and a conveying mechanism for the crop to the set of knives for slicing operation. Therefore, to boost the preservation of root and tuber crops in large quantity, there are need to design and fabricate a machine that will enhance preservation. Figure 4 shows the effect of knife speed on the efficiency. But the large size decreases in efficiency with increase in speed due to toughness or texture of the crop size. The slicing unit, a very important unit of the machine, performs the actual slicing.

Development of a plantain slicing device

Test parameters that were measured in evaluating the performance of the machine are throughput capacity and slicing efficiency. The performance of the machine was evaluated in slicing four selected crops carrot, potato, onion and yamgrouped into three sizes small, medium and large at five machine speeds of 39 rpm, 41 rpm, 43 rpm, 46 rpm and 48 rpm respectively.

Sliceer in Ginger Processing.

literature review on plantain slicer

McGraw-Hill Publishers Incorporated; Journal of Agricultural Engineering Technology, 2: The trend for yam is such that the efficiency decreased with increase literaure speed. Some of these chipping and slicing machines are either imported or fabricated locally.


Effect of machine speed on slicing efficiency of the multi-crop slicing machine. Presently, there is need for increased preservation of root and tuber crops in the country in order to prolong storage period. Some are petrol, diesel or electric motor operated. The samples of root and tuber crops were classified into small, medium and large based on their measured physical properties Table 1.

Size reduction may help in the extraction of desirable constituents from raw materials e.

The primary purpose of this unit is to slice the pulp of plantain to desired thickness and discharge it through the discharge opening into a collecting container. The capacity decreased with increase in speed.

(PDF) CIGR09 Agbetoye et al slicing machine | Leo Agbetoye –

This may be as a result of pplantain, fibre content and moisture level of the crop that resulted to high capacity for the selected crop considered. The output materials obtained from the machine outlet was collected and separated into two groups, that is, sliced material and un-sliced material.

Experimental Procedure Preliminary tests were conducted to determine the optimum speed of machine. The development of an appropriate plantain slicer, simulating the laborious and time consuming traditional method of cutting plantain with a knife which is highly prevalent in Nigeria and most West African countries is attempted in this work.

Best result for small and medium size grade of onion we achieved at speed of 41 rpm with capacities and efficiencies of However, the human cost of such processing is enormous and impacts negatively on the economic benefits derivable from plantain production.


Pergamon Press Ltd, London, pp — Boiling or steaming, roasting, boiling and pounding, frying, drying etc. Development of a Belt Cutting System.

literature review on plantain slicer

In West Africa, fufu, similar to that made from cassava, is readily prepared from yam tubers. The throughput capacity increased with respect to speed. It was bolted to the top of the main upper housing. Overview of World Banana Production and Trade.

Development of a plantain slicing device

The machine is powered by a three- phase, rpm, and 2 kW electric motor. A pair of Vernier calipers measured the length and diameter of the crops selected. Intermediate Technology Publications, London pp.

literature review on plantain slicer

The shaft is made of mild revoew and is being supported on revview rolling elements bearings and at both ends of the shaft will be attached the driven pulley and the cutting disc. Plantains are usually processed after harvesting in order to increase its shelf life. The medium size has decrease in capacity with increase in speed. Kordylas reported that plantain is best preserved in the dried form by processing into flour and chips for human and livestock consumption.

Mechanisation of Nigeria Cassava Production and Processing: