Their light beam changes direction, intensity, divergence and light distribution pattern according to car speed, road type, the position of other cars and atmospheric conditions. Silver-grey two tone, red leather or Rossini grey-brown two tone, Cuoio Havana leather It passes through the centre of the wheel with the result that obstacles such as potholes or rough patches do not cause the steering wheel to turn or vibrate. Four customised microclimates are created by measuring perceived heat by means of detectors fitted in the seats. The Dialogos immediately opens its doors to passengers approaching with their personal Ego Cards in hand.

You can see why it is a real pleasure to travel in a Lancia Thesis. Every passenger is also free to control his or her own personal microclimate using a joystick. The steering axis passes through the centre of the wheel. Any anomalies are communicated to the motorist on the display. Air quality and distribution, lighting, protection and ergonomic comfort are all finely tuned to produce non-aggressive, silent climate control. This is then used automatically for different driving styles sporty or touring — or even on different cars equipped with the same system.

Side display functions are reversible, according to whether the car is being driven from the left or right. Structured data Items portrayed in this file depicts P This suspension architecture also ensures high longitudinal stability and reduces vibrations from the road surface to improve car handling over all terrains.

This concept car, exhibited alongside the standard-production models, contains many retro hints: The styling rejects the idea of a wedge attacking the asphalt in favour of an upturned wedge shape.

A timeless sculpture The external styling of coore Dialogos speaks for itself. The seats are the very latest thing when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Screens and keyboards, minibars, tables and document compartments emerge from the clean, uncluttered interior as required.


Lancia Thesis Bicolore (2004)

The onboard information system is complete with micro-telecamera and radar, and provides all the necessary information for constant, complete control of the road. This transmission is combined with an innovative Ego-mode system. The instrument thesix moves to accommodate the change and can be reconfigured.

The screen is controlled by a joystick with two buttons for scrolling through the main options and a confirmation key for moving within individual menus and activating the required function. The car admired by visitors to the Lancia stand is a paradox: The roof is covered by a cashmere and silk mix cloth.

2004 Lancia Thesis Bicolore

Driving options are selected with buttons on the steering wheel and associated messages are displayed on the car monitor. After a short learning colire, when the driver works in semi-automatic mode, the system is able to recognise driving style and produce a customised map.

The front box, with its long high bonnet, draws the rest of the car behind it and the passenger compartment is shifted backward with the boot almost an appendage. You can see why it is a real pleasure to travel in a Lancia Thesis.

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lancia thesis bi colore

Three important themes are developed on this concept car: When entering a bend, drive torque is transferred to the outer wheel in order to exploit car traction to the full and increase lateral hold.

It passes through the centre of the wheel with the result that obstacles such as potholes or rough patches do not cause the steering wheel to turn or vibrate. The result is a great deluxe saloon with the same standards of roominess, comfort and performance throughout. The brake is always on when the car is at a standstill and is released automatically when the car sets off.


lancia thesis bi colore

A careful use of rounded edges mixed with smoother lncia produces lanvia stylistic language that is unusual, but also well-proportioned and continuous. This system ensures a diffuse distribution of air. They are all packed into a concept car, which has been named the Lancia Dialogos. The colour of the windows there is apparently only one is very similar to the incredible blue of the body. When unused, it becomes part of the floor and can be used as a footrest. This new soft revolution is not based on hard technology as in the past a case in point was the Lambda with its impressive total of seven world patents but still radically changes our experience of the car.

The seats are upholstered in nabuk, a soft, smooth leather similar to suede. Radius km Radius 10 km 20 km 50 km km km km km km km. An on-board computer system with micro-TV camera and radar provides all information required for comprehensive monitoring of the road.

When the driver crosses the lane dividers unintentionally e.