But as with the right, Labor should not be cowed by the left commentariat either. Life is not like that. They do this in order to advance individual greed, however they may try to mask it, as their unfettered project. And in so doing so lift our line of sight beyond the parapets of our traditional partisan debate to plan our national future together. It has now become a core and enduring national interest for us all. A further element of our identity which we should unapologetically claim as our progressive own is our deep sense of a fair go for all.

The bottom line is we need it. It will become critical therefore for Australia to lead the international debate on the reform of the global institutional arrangements underpinning the Refugees Convention. The Australian right-wing media and commentariat are ideologically intolerant of any such national planning processes. Which is why working people inevitably react with anger towards the political system if and when these most basic and inclusive values are traduced by forces beyond their local control. This is quite separate from recent debates on foreign interference in the integrity of democratic electoral processes by cyber intrusion, social media manipulation or campaign finance. Of itself, it too poses a range of fundamental policy challenges for the future. It must deal with the immediate humanitarian aid requirements of neighbouring countries where asylum seekers first flee.

These companies have gotten away with minimal effective tax rates in Australia over many decades, despite exploiting a non-renewable resource that is actually owned by the Australian people and leased by the corporations.

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So too with our understanding of the broad sweep of our enduring, fundamental and existential national interests. But similar rules are necessary for the preselection of our Senators so that any party members can stand and all party members can vote.

kevin rudd gfc essay

This is despite the fact that globalisation has also been the source of so much of this positive change. And the sooner we realise this the better. Nor is it incompatible with the development of new population centres in the water-rich northern parts of the country. Our founding fathers, in our constitutional arrangements, also invoked the blessings of a higher spiritual reality in the crafting of our then jevin Commonwealth, reflecting a deeper yearning for a broader purpose beyond the sssay material interests of our national life.


kevin rudd gfc essay

The Fed is throwing money about like a drunken sailor. None of them have established charitable foundations at any scale. Global and regional instability is also likely to greatly increase the numbers of asylum seekers worldwide.

Equally it is an Australia that thinks big about the type of country we could become, of the new industries we can create from our own home-grown innovation, about the solutions to climate change and water we can pioneer, about how to preserve the peace and prosperity of an increasingly fractured region and world.

The reason Australia must act on climate change is not because our aggregate emissions are so large. It is certainly more evident than it once was as media reporting rightly exposes monumental double standards. Policymakers will inevitably make major mistakes and the public will have to expect them to do so.

Nor will there be sufficient national wealth to redistribute to health, tudd, housing, family payments or pensions — necessary for the most basic forms of social justice and the maintenance of social stability. Both parties are plagued by factions which are non-democratic oligopolies functioning within the formal structure of rudx party in order to wield substantive power without reference to normal democratic processes.

Topics Economic policy Opinion. Apart from France, and possibly China, no other countries are rising to this urgent international challenge.

Think the Commonwealth can save Brexit Britain? That’s utter delusion

Yet the constant failure lies on the entrepreneurial and venture capital side in taking world-class innovation to its full market potential.

Its reason for doing this is stated as being its disappointment at the media response to the essay: Each of these affects our wider ability to defend our national borders. Former prime minister Tony Abbott, for example, recently invoked the spirit of Wellington, Nelson and Drake in the pages of the Spectator in defence of the most ludicrous of all the Brexit possibilities — the no-deal, cold turkey outcome.

Conservatives therefore find it irresistible to play with the politics of racial anxiety whenever the opportunity arises because properly manipulated, they know it becomes a potent source for fear, capable of masking so much else in the core political and policy debates of the nation.

Anything beyond that is seen as rurd generous bonus, an unexpected benefit, almost a form of political noblesse esssy.


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This spells the end of American and wider western assumptions that decades of engagement strategy with China would eventually cause Beijing to accept the inherent wisdom of the existing liberal-democratic rules-based order, crafted by America since the war, and one which China could happily accept and sustain once it eclipsed American power.

On closer inspection, however, the conservative embrace is still limited to the mono-culture, as if our evolving sense of ourselves will always remain hermetically sealed in some distant Arcadian past buried deep in the conservative imagination.

These are exercises in shared sovereignty because the threats they seek to address are bigger than any single nation state can deal with on its own.

kevin rudd gfc essay

This is a essya source of puzzlement amongst some, but let me solve this apparent conundrum. I just loved it, perfectly crafted. Ultimately it is, of course, illusory because the core economic drivers of globalisation that have generated unprecedented global wealth have also rendered borders increasingly porous, and in some cases redundant.

Second, the clear ravages of climate rudc where our national and global actions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions are woefully inadequate to prevent unsustainable temperature increases, increasingly violent weather events and with grave consequences for ewsay term food and water security and the forced migration of peoples.

The truth is Murdoch seeks to destroy our reputation as a party, as a movement and as a body of progressive ideas. This is essential if we are to open up the party to a wider membership from across the broad spectrum of progressive politics. By definition, a global trade war and a retreat to international protectionism would be disastrous for Australia.

It is not a matter of either-or. The history of Australia has largely been one in which the Labor Party yfc the nation up, while the conservatives then seek to tear down that which we have built.

And authoritarians around the world would like nothing more than a fully disembowelled west, no longer confident of what it actually stands for any more.