World Trade Organization Chapter 2: This year with the launch of a virtual portal for students ICAI is also hosting web classes and lectures to provide study material. I remember not fussing too much over remembering a lot of case laws for my CA Final exams. Mention only what the law says. Derivatives and Embedded Derivatives — Unit 6: Quality Review Chapter

Feeling the pain of using spreadsheets, manual processes, or outdated accounting software? Money Market Chapter 6: Lean System and Innovation Chapter 4: Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Chapter 5: Audit Reports Chapter 7: Then whenever he was commuting or didn’t feel like reading but wanted to study, he used to listen to it. Analysis of Financial Statements Chapter

icai idt case study

Anti Avoidance Measures Chapter 9: Feeling the pain of using spreadsheets, manual processes, or outdated accounting software? Derivatives and Embedded Derivatives — Unit 6: Play the concept called relevance.

If you can develop some acronyms or associate it some way in the topic, its good or else you can learn it, write it out on a sheet and keep that sheet on the wall in front your study table so that you can review it once in a while. Settlement of Tax Cases Chapter Capital Market — Secondary Chapter 5: Impact of various policies of Financial Markets Chapter 3: World Trade Organization Chapter 2: Integrated Reporting Chapter Simple associations like these always helped.


Download DT & IDT Case Laws for CA Final May file in pdf format

Answered Jul 23, Exemptions from GST Chapter 5: Audit of Banks Chapter Relevant amendments for November examination in Paper-6D: Taxation of E-Commerce Transactions. Accounts and Records Chapter Introduction to Strategic Cost Management Chapter 2: ICAI study material for CA final is also important as it also provides guidance notes on writing skills, presentation and other expectation from the students while taking the exams.

Compromises, Arrangements and Amalgamations Chapter 6: To develop those skills ICAI provides several case studies and study material to practice. The purpose to issue the study material is to provide updated information regarding every chapter of the syllabus. Audit of Public Sector Undertakings Chapter Provisions of the law: The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, Chapter 6: Scope and Definitions — Unit 2: Liability in Special Cases Chapter The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Not each n every case that pops up.


icai idt case study

Answered Jul 22, Introduction to Risk Chapter 2: But there are a few which are important and according csae me you have got to learn those case laws. Application of Accounting Standards — Unit 1: Knowing the details of the case and the judgment mattered much more.

Source and Evaluation of Risks Chapter 3: Cost Management Techniques Chapter 5: Accounting for e-Commerce Business Chapter