For an organisation the size of ours of course, cost is an important consideration. Sign up for IfM updates. Previously each time investment was made in a new gauge, the cost was approximately SEK. GKN have a huge workforce who have different support needs underfoot. Its powerful capabilities enable users to measure everything from simple

Please tick the box to agree to have representatives from rockfall. Auburn Hills, Michigan Application: Hexagon came to our factory and trained everyone on the line on how to use the CMM. There have been several benefits of integrating the CMM into the production line, one being that production time is quicker thanks to the new quality control system — quality is truly driving productivity. We enjoy working closely with companies, in partnership with our authorised distributors. A robot with built-in artificial vision features was set up in one of the picking stations to prepare orders, while in the other, operators do order fulfilment tasks. When we received orders for several new products we needed a more flexible solution.

Now the saving on every new detail is over SEK as they make a setting gauge at a much g,n cost. Roadmapping for strategy and innovation.

Init decided to renovate the warehouse and got in touch with Mecalux to get things rolling. Dr Rob Phaal said: The first project comprised the installation of an automated miniload warehouse, allocated to raw materials and small iron transmission parts.

Meanwhile, its plant located in the town of Carcastillo Navarra focuses specifically on repurposing used transmission parts from automobiles. The advantage of this construction is that it makes full use of available spaceboth in length and from floor to ceiling, to provide better storage capacity. Developing a cross-divisional technology strategy A workshop brought together the top 60 technologists from across the GKN group to develop new roadmaps for each of the business units and to look at related areas of activity that GKN could expand into using its existing technology capabilities.


A robot with built-in artificial vision features was set up in one of the picking stations to prepare orders, while in the other, operators do order fulfilment tasks.

GKN Group 3D Printing Case Study | Stratasys

However, picking could not be completely automated stucy some more fragile items need manual handling by operators.

Easy WMS of Mecalux coordinates all logistics and operational processes of the two automated warehouses for boxes. The second is used to provide increased support around the ankle and heel area. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation.

gkn driveline case study

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We use our own and third party cookies to provide you with content as per your interests. GKN Driveline has renovated its distribution centre in Carcastillo Navarraaiming drivdline improve its logistics and provide its customers with more efficient services.

John recognised the importance of comfort, and already knew the benefits of composite components. Both automated warehouses for boxes manage second-hand automobile transmission parts. GKN Driveline is one of its divisions and one which produces automobile industry solutions. The company will drive autonomous order prep levels through using the robot. Workpiece changeovers are faster because of the removal of some now unnecessary processes, so waiting time is stuxy to switching fixtures and programming.

gkn driveline case study

Flexibility was also an important factor for GKN Driveline when selecting the right CMM as the company needed to measure different parts for different customers quickly. We dtudy forward to the future with optimism and continuing an already long running partnership with the GKN Group.


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GKN Driveline’s Safety Footwear Solution – Past, Present and Future

Find a Local Rep. Sign up for IfM updates. To create two test chambers for products manufactured by the client. IfM ECS provided the methodology and facilitation to test the assumptions made in the roadmap to ensure its robustness.

However, the results were not ddiveline applied across the organisation so GKN decided to try again, this time with a view to embedding it within its technology planning functions. Innovation opportunities certainly emerged as a result of the cross-fertilisation in the process. The process was designed so that each division would focus on its own strategic development but there were also cross-divisional stuey to ensure that potential synergies were identified and taken up. Rock Fall are committed to providing the best possible service at all times.

What did we do? Lighter, more supportive, longer lasting. Further details For further details about how we can support your organisation, please get in touch. The ability to relocate or modify as their business evolves The ability to match the European custom color requirements by the client Provide fast and drievline installation while continuing production and minimizing down time Adhere to the strict safety requirements of the customer by providing reinforced drivelije, roof and Lexan glass Structural calculations for the client to obtain proper building permits for the PortaFab structure The Situation:

gkn driveline case study