It also indicated some main mistakes the Walt Disney Company made during the operation of Euro Disneyland. Euro Disney Case Study. Malaysia practices parliamentary democracy and has a three-tier government structure: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In Europe, Disney found that in many ways, the consumer did not behave as expected:

So that we can easily understand why Disney has such a strict appearance code. Intense, Walt Disney competes with several large players such as Merlin Group, Universal Studios and Parquets Reunidos along with some regional players. Individualism IDV on the one side versus its opposite, collectivism, that is the degree to which individuals are inte-grated into groups Hofstede, , Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The fairly low score on Power Distance in combination with the most individualistic culture in the world.

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Whereas, French tends to be highly collectivism, who believe that people should hofsteds to in-groups or collectives, which should look after them in exchange for their unconditional loyalty Stockdale and Crosby, Disney made a handbook of detailed rules on acceptable clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry. Intense, Walt Disney competes with several large players such as Merlin Group, Universal Studios and Parquets Reunidos along with some regional players.

Medium, Suppliers include equipment manufacturers, construction companies and vendors. The French are far more tolerant of cigarette smoking and the over emphasis on the no smoking policy of Disney made both the employees and consumers unhappy. Culture was not the only aspect that led to the downfall of Euro Disneyland. Which is largest market player in world? US scores higher on Individualism. Also start broadcasting two hour dubbed Disney program in national television networks.


Famous characters, stories, settings, etc would immediately attract attention without as much advertising known for customer and employee focus and outstanding service Capital: One of the most creative and innovative ideas that Disney had was the creation of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Euro Disneyland has six hotels consists of rooms, camping sites. However, the company faces a number of cultural challenges that must be overcome.


This principle applies to the United States. It also indicated some main mistakes the Walt Disney Company made during the operation of Euro Disneyland. US businesses are prone to thinking that if their business strategy is wildly successful in America then that success will carry over to an international audience. If Disney had taken those decisions, all those problems with staff would be prevented and the outcome would be much better for Disney.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

Top management had previous knowledge of things to expect. This can be explained by the combination of a high Masculinity drive together with visneyland most individualistic drive in the world. Although Euro Disney marketers probably choose this location, in particularly France, due to the fact that is the center of Europe and could most probably be the most convenient place for people to arrive and settle in their hotel to be entertained.

If a business plan was made considering all of those factors, Disney would probably had more realistic numbers attendance, revenues and should be able to deal with the cultural differences between Ohfstede and Europe, especially in France.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

Americans think of themselves as individuals first, view the world as caee inanimate and nature as something to be conquered Carr-Ruffino, Uncertainty Avoidance Index UAI deals with a society’s tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity; it ultimately refers to man’s search for Truth Hofstede This park was the idea of Walt Disney and became known as Disneyland. For the visitors it cse too expensive, highly gathering place most importantly it ignored the French culture.


Motivated by the success of its three theme parks, Disney did not realize that French were a part of a distinct culture and its methods may not work there. France scores fairly high on Uero Distance.

Growing tourism and increasing spending power in the emerging Opportunity economies 1.

France and the US have some major cultural differences though they both are Western disneyoand countries. They should get know of all the aspects of French culture and realise the cultural diversity Rugimbana and Nwankwo, Before encountering problems, they should think about some effective solution for the potential problems.

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Another difference between both countries is that the United States has an Achievement culture. It is, therefore, a society in which a fair degree of inequality is accepted. This culture refers one in which people are accorded status based on how ell they perform their functions.

Some failures in business are caused by lacking the cultural awareness,such as Euro Disneyland. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!