In , the fort was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its “outstanding repertoire ” of Mughal monuments dating from the era when the empire was at its artistic and aesthetic zenith. This edifice is renowned for its entirely delicate and minute pietra dura work, wrought in semi-precious stone such as Agate , Jade , Lapis-Lazuli , and Goldstone etc. Here following its tradition of facilitating its prestigious customers, groupin. An Outline of Its History and Development, The fort is 1, feet in length and 1, feet in width. The interior is simple and plain with the exception of ceilings that are decorated and designed in four different orders, two arcuate, and two trabeated.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sheesh Mahal Lahore Fort. Lahore Short Stay Cultural Tours. The foundations of the modern Lahore Fort date to during the reign of Emperor Akbar, who bestowed the fort with a architectural style that featured both Islamic and Hindu motifs. This entry gate is known as Alamgiri gate. The Chhajja eave of the Kala Burj is built with interlocked brick work. The interior frescoes date mostly from the Sikh era, along with the entire upper level that was also added during the Sikh era.

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The fort is located in the northwestern corner of Lahore, adjacent to the Walled City. Islamic Gardens and Landscapes.

essay on shahi qila in english

Constructed by Ibrahim Naib Barbak, a chieftain of Firuz Shah Tughlaqit is built using the material owned by temples and palaces of the Rathore kings of Kannauj. The Minar-e-Pakistan and Iqbal Park are adjacent to the northern boundary of the fort.

The Picture Wall was badly neglected, and suffered from disrepair and damage. It reflects a mixture of contemporary traditions at the time of its construction, englisb a sloping-roof based on a Bengali style, and a baldachin from Europe, which makes evident the imperial as well as religious function of the pavilion.


The gate is one of Lahore’s most iconic monuments, and once featured on Pakistani currency.

A visit of Lahore Fort( Shahi Qila) in… – Lahore Fort

The fort is located in the northern part of Lahore ‘s old walled city. It was built by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in It is a palace which is decorated with thousands of mirrors.

essay on shahi qila in english

Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. This edifice is renowned for its entirely delicate and minute pietra dura work, wrought in semi-precious stone such as AgateJadeLapis-Lazuliand Goldstone etc. It is very beautiful place. Thus it is patterned on Turkish style, so it comprises Jama Khana Dressing and undressing room.

The Mosque of Englisj Zamani Begum was built adjacent to the forts of eastern walls during the reign of Jahangir. Excavations in in front of Diwan-i-Am led to the discovery of a gold coin dated CE belonging to Mahmud Ghaznavi. Useful Links Wikipedia, free encyclopedia http: It was the specific place for the court of King for rich and V. Presently this building is site of the Sikh Gallery Museum. The fort’s Alamgiri gate is part of an ensemble of buildings, which along with the Badshahi MosqueRoshnai Gateand Samadhi of Ranjit Singhform a quadrangle around the Hazuri Bagh.

Most prominent are those relating to elephant fights, which were one of the favourite recreations of the Mughal court. Having been built with the cost of seven lacs Seven Hundred Thousands of rupees. Architecture of Mughal India, Part 1, Volume 4.


Shahi Qila (The Royal Lahore Fort): One of the Best Historc place to visit |

Naulakha Pavilion is known for its distinctive Bengali-style curvilinear roof. The Lahore Gate, one of twelve is spectacular in its grandeur, being a smaller replica of the Taj Mahal gate. It was later occupied by the British where the first and the ground floor were used as a Commandant’s Quarters and godown and servants house respectively.

The quadrangle’s layout differs from other Mughal quadrangles which are based upon the layout of a Persian paradise engilshand instead is formed by concentric rectangles with a fountain in its centre. Ask default about Lahore Fort.

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Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila and its attractions

Enter your email address: The plinth and door frames of the pavilion are of marble but its inn is curvilinear type.

It occupies north-west corner of Khilwat Khana Place of Isolation. The site is currently closed to the public in order to prevent further deterioration. Sheesh Mahal was reserved for personal use by the imperial family and close aides. Lahore Fort also known as Shahi Qila is shahl in north-western corner of the historical city of Lahore. The bath also had the facility of warm and hot water.