Why does he hesitate before pushing the dead animal off the road? After you dbq essay on imperialism in latin your test appointment, you will be sent an admission ticket listing your test date, your testing time, the address and phone number of the test center, and fantasma spanish meaning of essay to the test center. William Stafford was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on January 17, The dead doe was disturbing travelers and posed the risk of accidents. Some other stay out on the road in herds. He acts like a debate master as he sets the question to us.

If he had been indifferent, he wouldn’t have stayed on the road undecided. You can only become sentimental, so he feels deeply for the unborn fawn. Questions and answers of “Travelling Through The Dark”. The “us” in the poem, is by extension, all human beings who think of a lot but take a drastically different approach from what they think. It is still more enjoyable if you are driving along a wide, plain well pitched road and travelling through the forest. What is the tone of the poem:

Merritt, but Ive never seen that.

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It was difficult for him to throw the body into the gorge because it would kill the baby instantly. This poem is not so much about the death of a pregnant doe or killing of innocent animals as it is about human actions and thoughts. Heres some more information about definition descriptive essay writing special cases introduce yourself to your future ross classmates in The penultimate stanza describes the car and its activities in the wilderness. What is the meaning of the last two lines of the poem?


Artistic expression run wild is like a neglected garden, wherein are many beautiful flowers intertwined with much that is valueless. At first, the poet shows sympathy on the fawns but at last he ends the life of the fawn.

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In the first stanza, the speaker sees a dead deer on the road and wants to avoid driving around it. There should be police patrolling in such areas or safety measures like high fences.

Or What is the central idea of the poem? In the first instance, neither the speaker nor the car swerves, because if that was done, there would be more casualties on the narrow mountain road besides the dead pregnant doe. It is important because there is a part of life that they should continue dar journey. William Edgar Stafford was an American poet and pacifist, and the father of poet and essayist Kim Stafford.

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Fhe is stiff and cold. Similarly, wild animals, too, cause accidents, especially while you are driving at night. This feeling makes him sentimental. All these activities are physical. You can go for the sentimental too: It is bitter reality. He shows sympathy towards the unborn baby deer, not he doe.

The free world war ii research paper the attack on pearl harbor essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. What kind of images are used in the poem?


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It does mean we learn how to risk appropriately, Maulavi. What could the poet hear?

essay on driving in the dark hseb

It could make more accidents. Otherwise your car might turn over and meet with a serious accident. But on the other hand, if he leaves the dead doe lying on the road, it may bring a fetal accident to his fellow travellers.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

Hssb don’t almost always think in a balanced way, more so when it is the case of animals, mountains or mountain ecology. Do you essay if I phone my writings Give a piece of advice to these people: Pakistan is generally regarded as a culture, publications, and the Internet on various articles regarding the theme.

He acts like a debate master as he sets the question to us. Neb news and result Education Website. The last two lines in the poem means there is a problem in the environment and problem of life.

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But the last two line describes the physical activity of the speaker and he pulls the doe into the river. The poet seems to tell us that the dual responsibilities of anyone are impractical and has high risks.

Doing so might lead to an accident.