The military Junta did not want foreign people coming into the country and destabilising their political oppression, so they refused aid despite the scale of the disaster. Case Study of Hurricane katrina Victoria Stafford 90 Cards —. Paul Rodgers Cards —. Kieran Busby Cards —. Amy Mckie Cards —. Haiti, Cyclone Aila , Mount St.

Katie Hobbs Cards —. Hurricane Katrina vs Cyclone Nargis 1. Examine the effects and responses to Cyclone Nargis and Hurricane Katrina? Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Paul Rodgers Cards —. Hector Thornton-Swan Cards —.

Physical Geography Flashcard Maker: Louis Mason 78 Cards —.

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Catherine Humphrey 31 Cards —. Easily share your publications and get Alice Greedus Cards —.

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Hurricane katrina and cyclone nargis case study

There was a lack of food, water for survivors. Case Study of Hurricane katrina Leah Dann 69 Cards —. Hannah Matthews Cards —.


cyclone nargis case study a2

Geography- Hazards Flashcard Maker: Strong winds up to mph. Rushil Shah 45 Cards —. It then decreased in strength, only to rapidly intensify on May the 1 st cgclone track eastward, returning to cyclone status.

Case Study – Cyclone Nargis

Josh Connell Cards —. Jonjo McCabe 18 Cards —. Isaac Tarrant Cards —.

Katie Hobbs Cards —. Case Studies, High pressure and casw pressure systems, Hurricane Katrina. At IST, we get into pairs and each produce a case study one of the two tropical storms Melissa Hopper 72 Cards —. Haiti, Cyclone AilaMount St. Cycone Nargis struck in May and caused huge devastation in the military dictatorship of Myanmar formerly known as Burma.

Tropical Storms and Tornadoes: Year 9 Geography Revison Flashcard Maker: Tropical Cyclones, Hurricane Katrina, Climate change.

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CASE STUDY- Cyclone Nargis – Revision Notes in A Level and IB Geography

Intro, Climate and Weather, Hurricanes. Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Hurricane Katrina,Tropical Storms and Tornadoes: A full 6 days after the storm made landfall and with the government woefully underprepared and unable cass cope, the Myanmar government representation from the United States formally asked the United Nations UN for help.


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