Zaimis Karapanos Zalokostas Al. Alexis Haritsis Citizen Protection: Current Cabinet of Greece. Venizelos Plastiras Kiousopoulos 3 Papagos K. Tsipras is the fourth prime minister who has governed in the course of the s Greek government-debt crisis. Rallis 4 Bakirtzis 2 S. At the beginning of May , in a speech in Berlin , he clarified many of his positions, in opposition to the allegedly Merkel -dominated neoliberal political course in Europe.

In , he was elected as leader of Syriza, succeeding Alekos Alavanos. After the departure of the Communist Party of Greece from Synaspismos in , Tsipras remained in the coalition. Venizelos 2 Svolos 2 G. Zaimis Deligeorgis Koumoundouros Thr. This article is part of a series about Alexis Tsipras. As secretary of Synaspismos Youth, he took an active part in the process of creating the Greek Social Forum and attended many of the international protests and marches against neoliberal globalization. Retrieved 14 February

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Retrieved 26 April Giorgos Dimaras Infrastructure and Transport: Trikoupis Diligiannis Konstantopoulos Currriculum. He concluded that there were at least two competing visions for the integration of Europe, both of which he seemed to reject, and that certain unnamed institutional actors had “an obsession” with their own technocratic programme.

Retrieved 14 August Katerina Notopoulou National Defence: PM Alexis Tsipras quits and calls early polls”. Papandreou Evert Karamanlis G. On 3 February, Tsipras made his first official state visit, meeting with his Italian counterpart Matteo Renzi in Rome.


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Retrieved 18 October Anastasios Petropoulos Social Insurance: Wikiquote has quotations related to: Despite this, some days later, Tsipras managed to win a confidence vote and gain again the support of the absolute majority of the Greek tispras votes for his government this time backed by one political party, i. In Decemberat teipras 4th Congress of Synaspismos, he was elected a member of the party’s Central Political Committee and consequently to the Political Secretariat, where he was responsible for educational and youth issues.

curriculum vitae tsipras

Kypraios Mavros Bitsios Papaligouras G. The confidence vote was followed by the successful ratification of the Greek parliament with votes of the Prespa Agreement, an agreement which resolved a long-standing dispute and named Greece’s northern neighbour as North Macedonia. Trikoupis Koumoundouros Rikakis Ch. Tsipras, who is notable for never wearing ties, thanked Renzi and said that he would wear the gift in celebration when Greece had successfully renegotiated the austerity measures.

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Archived from the original on 17 May Giorgos Stathakis Infrastructure and Transport: Deligiannis Paikos Argyropoulos Al. Assumed office 4 October It also offered to reform the value-added-tax system to set the main rate at 23 percent.


They live together in Athens with their two sons. Tsipras was born 28 July in Athens. Tsipras first entered the limelight of mainstream Greek politics during the local election when he ran for Mayor of Athens under the “Anoikhti Poli” Greek: As secretary of Tsiptas Youth, he took an active part in the process of creating the Greek Social Forum and attended many of the international protests and marches against neoliberal globalization.

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Olga Gerovasili Economy and Development: Deligiannis Skouzes Skouloudis Al. Nikos Pappas National Defence: Inhe was named by TIME magazine as one of the most influential people globally. Zaimis Karapanos Zalokostas Al. In Farmers are threatening to bring their tractors into Athens and pharmacists have been on strike.

Tsipras was born in Athens in Kollias 1 Papadopoulos 1 Markezinis 1 Androutsopoulos 1.

curriculum vitae tsipras

In the September election that followed, Tsipras led Syriza to another victory, winning out of seats and re-forming the coalition with the Independent Greeks.