Posted by Bikalpa Kapri at 6: Until now, I have felt that one ought to read original materials. One could also argue with the choice of material in Adventures in English. But the deer in their sight disappeared suddenly. Should students be given such condensed adaptations of texts and then asked to judge them out of context? However, none of them returned for a long time. What feeds him and sustains him and makes him strong?

Although Yudhisthira was very thirsty, he obeyed the yakshya and answers all his questions correctly. But when, we as a critical thinker, make attempts to separate wheat from the chaff, it undergoes several drawbacks and shortcomings. This mythological story is taken from Mahabharata. The person who doesn’t possess these qualities suffers in life. There also seems to be a slight internal contradiction in this tale.

Or moral ground selecting his stepbrother Nakula for revival. Then he bent to drink water from the pool but an unknown voice warned him.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Pleased with Yudhishthira’s wisdom, the Yaksha agrees to revive one of the brothers, leaving Yudhishthira to decide which of the four it will be. People see everyone dying before their eyes, but they don’t realize that they will also have to die one day. Isn’t it a historical fact that precisely the reverse is more nearly correct? We learn that we criticap forsake pride, anger, desires, etc.

In this story, Yudhisthira with yhinking qualities became able to save all his four brothers. As such in all these aspects, we disagree with the writer along with one event in which all the Pandava brothers are restored to life even after the death -this is absolutely impossible in reality.


BBA First Semester: Yudhisthira’s Wisdom

So, Yudhisthira tactfully answered all the questions asked by the voice i. I was never convinced earlier that all these qualities would one day be rewarded.

Even I was able to grab some philosophical concepts which have always appeared as my subject of interest. When none of them returned he himself went to look for them. He sooner got fainted. Yama, the God of Justice and Death, whereas his brother had disobeyed him and as such were prostrate flat on the ground.

critical thinking of yudhisthiras wisdom

Thus yudhisthira’s virtue of righteousness and honesty was rewarded. For more results visit here: If I get a chance, I might try to read some fo versions of these works.

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If they exist what is the proof for their existence? This might apply, in particular, to orally-derived ancient epics such as the Iliad and Odyssey, and perhaps also to such works as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Cervantes’ Don Quixote. When this brother fails to return, Crigical sends his other brothers, one at a time, but they too fail to return.

After a short walk, he noticed a beautiful pool on the bank of which were lying all his brothers either unconscious or dead.


Do such complicated questions really have simple answers? Patience, right conduct, wisdom, devotion as well endurance are not always rewarded on this earth.

These characteristics, in fact, help them to solve any kind of problems in hardships and difficulties. They were very tired and thirsty, so wanted to drink water. I have wisdkm to change myself changing my thinking as well. I am very much satisfied with the answers to the questions, “what can a man give up and immediately become rich?

Yudhishthira’s wisdom four levels

TThis tale has been excerpted from the Mahabarata, one of the two major Sanskrit epics of India, describing events that might have taken place thousands of years ago. Posted by Diwash at 6: When he did not return, he sends the other three brothers one at a time.

Surprisingly, I like the abridged version more–the original contained too many details while this version reduced the story to its essence. Do gods critiical exist?

Yudhishthira’s wisdom

Can we truly say that patience and right conduct are rewarded on this Earth? After a yudhisthjras walk, he notices a beautiful pool. Similarly, we can raise doubts over the existence of God in this materialistic world.