She is a most resilient and courageous person. Thank you, Tim and Debbie for sharing such incredible wisdom. What are the stories we tell ourselves? In regards to your chosen quote at the top. I have decided to open an e-commerce store and would like to find a mentor or coach who could assist me with some questions on the initial set-up. Debbie is so honest about success and rejection.

I am 74 and will do this exercise and wish that I had someone to advise me when I was younger. What kind of hair do you have? Mary Valentis Getting published 2 Thanks for transcribing the instructions. Tim — superb interviewing skills with this one as always; x10 with this one.

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Doris Kearns Goodwin Mary Valentis Getting published 2 Keep up writnig good living man! It reminded me of your strategies for podcasting as explained in Tools of Titans.

Martin Nakell Creative writing You are commenting using your Twitter account. Not because it was bad but probably because I was not really listening.

For the ocean surfing and its eclectic searching soul, I left London from San Francisco six creativw ago and that decision explains much…. Walter Mosley, best known for his mysteries featuring the character Easy Rawlins, has also written a handful of penetrating literary novels that wrestle with questions political and philosophical. Put your whole heart into it.


How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman (#214)

To answer your QOTD, my favorite quote from the interview is: Thanks to Debbie and thanks to you. Free p arking in the Dutch Quad lots.

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Her new book, Leadership in Turbulent Aulbanywas published earlier this month. You do not need a credit card for the trial. Hi Tim, I would really appreciate if you could make a small audio of the thought exercise remarkable life in the same fashion you did with Tony Robbins gratitude exercise.

Notify me of new posts via email. Love the part about dealing with rejection! And then read it, once a year, and see what happens. Tim — superb interviewing skills with this one as always; x10 with this one.

Thanks for a great episode. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: FreshBooks tells you when your clients have viewed your invoices, helps you customize your invoices, uwlbany your hours, automatically organize your receipts, have late payment reminders sent automatically and much more.


What does your life look like?

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Are there any coaches or mentors that you would suggest? As a female and as a ualbnay designer who graduated the same year as Debbie, I could really relate. I actually found that intensely uncomfortable to listen to, but fascinating and engrossing, non the less.

I got so much out of it, and at a very challenging and, dare I say, critical point in my life. Thank you for this amazing episode.

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But your best ever podcast episode? Thanks to Alex H for writing out the 10 year plan.

creative writing ualbany

Anyhow, I loved the interview, must be one of my favorites. It was very refreshing to listen to her honesty. Thanks so much for having her; and thanks to Debbie for sharing so much. Gift was finding your podcast….