Essay ini bersifat kronologi dan memiliki hukum sebab-akibat dimana satu momen pengalaman mempengaruhi kepada pengalaman selanjutnya. Dan pastikan jawaban tersebut merupakan jawaban yang jujur dan bisa dipertanggungjawabkan. To be honest, it is quite difficult for me to describe my life in 5 years. Third, My related experiences in the past really fit this program. Notify me of new posts via email. I know my previous education background not a perfect match for my related experiences, because I was a student of computer studies not a public relation or customer service education background. Naaaah jika sudah mengetahui kategori diatas, mulailah dari sekarang perbanyaklah referensi membaca mengenai ke-6 hal tersebut dan cari pengalaman yang dapat mendukung pada setiap kategori tersebut.

I have big eagerness to learn about others background, culture, and point of view. For the first time, I was far away from home by bringing hope and expectation from my family. I choose marketing field because it allows me to tap into my passion and most importantly, I think marketing is one of the essential elements in every business as not only it can build brand awareness, but also it can increase sales, grow businesses and engage customers. I hope once I get back from the United States, I will become a good leader because this scholarship offers training opportunity for the students to be leaders in their community and country. What part of U.

When I was in college, the importance of intern program gave me inspiration for the current digital era, and I have learned about social media marketing which I had never known before.

contoh essay ccip aminef

My main responsibilities on this company are but not limited to: Intinya pahami dengan seksama pertanyaan di aplikasi dan berikan jawaban yang efektif. What steps will you cxip to overcome these difficulties? Notify me of new comments via email.


Mengupas Tuntas Essay Beasiswa Part 2: Penjelasan dan Contoh Essay CCIP 2018

Esaay Service is more like a challenge for me. Referensi lain untuk essay CCIP: Untuk penulisan yang pertama, tentu aplikasinya belum bagus dan layak untuk dikirimkan.

How would this program help you to achieve these goals? You are commenting using your Google account. As an ESL student, I plan to be an active listener who can focus and pay attention to classroom lectures and absorb the information accordingly. Being smart, nice and friendly is not enough to be a great customer service. I did not have much money left, when I got my salary, they seemed like just stopped by on my account.

Please describe in detail your specific concentration areas of interest cfip your field of study. Please describe why you are a good candidate for the Community College Initiative program. That is why I always believe that being a recipient of this great program will totally change my life. You have amined class scheduled today from 2 pm to 5 pm. Pada essay ini, kita harus menjelaskan seraca rinci rencana jangka ccio kita, artinya kita harus memiliki gambaran jelas mengenai apa yang akan dilakukan, target prestasi pendidikan yang ingin didapatkan, serta budaya apa yang mau kita pelajari dan bagikan selama kita di Amerika serikat.

Their posting was always helpful for educating all member of the community. Currently, I am working for a US – based company.

The conflict situation of the Industrial scholarship grantees was mostly disagreement in the discussion forum. My journey for knowledge searching will never cease. Saya berusaha memberikan nada yang antusias dan optimis di setiap jawaban esai.

It is fcip for me to assist business owners and to provide the best solution for improving their business operation and marketing, and it made me realize that I need to develop my competency in order to be able to support them more, especially in digital marketing.


I will gain so much extraordinary things especially about culture, languages, and the values of different people through this program.

Asumsi dan Realitas Peran Pustakawan dalam Menerapkan Pelayanan yang Humanis

Besides, it can be really hard and confusing at the beginning. Within your proposed field of study, what do you want to study? I need this positive attitude in my self as a motor of developments and as a young generation for my country. I know I will overcome this esay by doing these steps.

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Gimana, ada masukan ga? They agreed for me going to college and conto that they are really proud of me. I believe that there will always be obstacles in achieving my goal. Since I was little, I always have a big passion for discovering other parts of the world which I believe it would show me different kinds of people and cultures and eventually will provide me proper understanding regarding the cultural diversity in the global society.

contoh essay ccip aminef

Masing – masing harus Anda jawab dengan lugas, singkat tidak bertele – tele dan straight to the point. Within your proposed Field of Study, please describe your specific exsay of interest and your related experience: