Concurrently, by using pamphlets which were printed in the local Marathi language, we educated the local population regarding the personal, family and community protection against mosquito bites and the mosquito source reduction. Chikungunya fever occurred in an epidemic form in the state of Maharashtra after a gap of about 32 years. The people were advised to attend the Primary Health Centre if they wanted, where free treatment was available. Hence, the prevalence was calculated to be 9. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu [ 7 ]. There was an outbreak of this disease in Kolkata in So, there was a tendency among the people to store the water for longer periods of time.

However, the virus was first isolated in in Tanzania from both man and mosquitoes during an epidemic of fever [ 3 ]. Hence, this study was done to assess the magnitude of the outbreak and to identify the possible socio-environmental factors which are responsible for Chikungunya fever. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Among the total population of from houses which were surveyed in the village, there were clinically suspected Chikungunya fever cases. Chikungunya, Health seeking behaviour, Vector, Joint pain. In the affected area,

The Chikungunya prevalence was 9. After 32 years, the state of Maharashtra experienced a large number of outbreaks of Chikungunya in the year The usual recommendation is that on every fifth day, all the vessels which contain water should be emptied; this observance of a dry day breaks the life cycle of the mosquito. We also studied the knowledge regarding the Chikungunya fever, its prevention and its control in the affected region.

Hence, this study was done to assess the magnitude of the outbreak and to identify the possible socio-environmental disswrtation which are responsible for Chikungunya fever.


A study of the outbreak of Chikungunya fever

A multipurpose worker from the Primary Health Centre accompanied us, who distributed paracetamol tablets to those who needed them, as per the doses which were prescribed. An integrated vector management through the elimination of the breeding sites, the use of anti-adult and anti-larval measures and personal protection will contribute to the prevention of outbreaks. The other symptoms were headache Report on a random survey conducted to assess the prevalence of a dengue-like illness in Madras city Chhikungunya on the internet.

Chikungunya outbreaks in Andhra Pradesh, south India. Our sincere thanks to our Director of Health Sciences Dr. The second phase of the fever was associated with relative bradycardia [ 15 ].

In this study, more males were affected than females. The illness was self limiting. Blood samples were taken from 8 out of clinically suspected Chikungunya fever patients who were randomly selected and they were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, India.

Among the viirus in the affected area, A population of from households was covered.

PhD thesis defence Stefan Metz: “Chikungunya virus-like partcle vaccine” – WUR

The median duration of the fever was three days and for joint pain, it was four days in the acute phase [ 11 ]. The informed consents of the study subjects were obtained during the study.

Multiple joints were involved in A symptomatic treatment is recommended after excluding the more serious conditions. As per our clinical criterion, all the fever cases with joint pain or arthralgia were considered as cases of Chikungunya fever unless they were proved otherwise.


In dissertstion present study, the classical symptoms of fever with joint pain were observed. A clinic-epidemiological study which was done on a Chikungunya outbreak in Maharashtra state, reported that only 8. Supriya Satish Patil1 Satish R.

chikungunya virus dissertation

Chikungunya is an arthropod born arboviral infection. For the larval surveys, the basic sampling unit was a house cnikungunya its premise, which were systematically searched for water- holding containers.

chikungunya virus dissertation

A majority of the cases Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Email. This problem has been solved by producing the VLPs using chikunfunya technology, that has previously been used for the generation of e.

A study of the outbreak of Chikungunya fever

However, in a study which was conducted in an urban field practice area of a private medical college of Chennai and in an outbreak at Vellore, south India more females were affected than males [ 1112 ]. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu [ 7 ]. Using aspirin is not advised because of the risk of bleeding in a small number of patients and the risk of developing Reye’s syndrome in children who are less than 12 years of age.

The fever was biphasic or saddleback. Many cases with symptoms which were suggestive of Chikungunya fever were reported from the village Kasegaon, Dist Sangli, Maharashtra, India.