Please take note of the different categories. The control of movement. In order to allow the University to properly consider your case, a note or letter from a GP or other doctor would include: For significant, ongoing medical conditions that are being monitored or treated by a doctor not in the University Medical Centre: Referencing involves clearly acknowledging your use of, and directing your reader to, your sources: Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be kept for record. Professional Development Period 60 Credits The Enhanced MSc programme will feature a 60 Credit Professional Development programme, the preparation for which will begin in Term 3, with a presentation and pitching skills workshop and an academic supervisor and mentor matching event.

Any decision made by your School based on copied documents will be preliminary, and subject to receipt of original documents and verification, where necessary. To consider proposals and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Institute for the assurance and enhancement of the quality of the student learning experience. An assessment or module may be core for one award and non-core for another award. Always give a full reference including page number for all quotations. In Part-time mode the programme is delivered over 3 years 9 terms , with attendance on one day we may undertake joint teaching and field visits on a second day in some weeks per week during terms 1 and 2 year one and terms 4 and 5 year two.

Marks for each criteria will be given between 5 highest score and 0 lowest score.

Student Handbook – Brunel University

If there is ambiguity or omissions, the authority of the Regulations prevail. It is the student’s responsibility to seek agreement, which is given at the lecturer’s discretion.

It is always advisable to discuss problems affecting your studies or assessment with us as soon as you are aware of them — it may well be that we can agree arrangements with you to deal with the problem more effectively and in good time, without having to resort to the mitigating circumstances process which is often concerned with remedial action after the event. Assessment blocks combined with the associated block of study and teaching a study block in the 24 Regulations are commonly referred to as ‘modules’.


Remember to use a consistent format style for headings and sub-headings and text throughout the report.

brunel university late coursework submission

Grade recommended by this marker: Grades will not normally coyrsework assigned by Boards in this manner in assessment blocks totalling more than one third of the credits at any given Level; 53 c where a student is discontinuing with a programme and neither a new attempt nor the assigning of a grade is appropriate or possible, the Board may assign a grade P in element s of assessment in order to enable a student to achieve an aegrotat award of a CertHE, DipHE or an unclassified degree award.

In either case, this will tend to be broad in its scope, with good clarity and depth. It will be evidenced by i a literature review followed by a critical appreciation of the topic detailing its strengths and limitations or ii a clear presentation of the data followed by a critical analysis of the data. This submssion of plagiarism submizsion more common.

Quality of results and the clarity of their presentation 90 7. Provides clear evidence of originality and clearly demonstrates the ability to develop an independent, highly systematic and logical or insightful argument or evaluation.

For each formal coursework assessment, you will be given the method for submission, which will be one of: Justified conclusion Unjustified conclusion You will be notified of the decision as soon as possible by the Chair of the MC panel. You should always cite the original full reference for each fact, AND if you accessed the fact in a secondary source rather than the original this should also be cited in full.

Given satisfactory completion of the taught module blocks, the dissertation will be undertaken in the summer term Term 3. Information and Presentation Skills.

This international partnership with world-leading experts is important, as the problems faced by society and the potential opportunities that arise for business and design innovation have a global dimension and require global collaboration.

Photocopying and Binding All reports submitted in the first instance must be securely bound in separate binders. Please note that the submission of falsified documents in support of Mitigating Circumstances is a disciplinary offence and where, following initial scrutiny, there remains reasonable doubt that documents are genuine the University will commence disciplinary procedures in coursewotk with Senate Regulation 6.


The adjustment of deadlines for the submission of assessed coursework affected by mitigating circumstances is determined in accordance with a University-wide Policy on Late Submission Penalties — described elsewhere in this student handbook. For example, a scientific project with experimental or fieldwork will submisssion to have chapters covering results and statistical analysis.

Likewise, if a student could reasonably have foreseen the circumstances, they are unlikely coursweork be accepted. The Institute considers that the demonstration of management and personal skills by the student as important, and such aspects usually show themselves in a completed dissertation.

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Student Handbook – Brunel University

Key works in the field that could have an impact on the dissertation, and interpretation of the results, may be missing. Plausible suggestions as to i possible future developments in the field, or ii to future experimental work to further advance the project — are included.

Many teaching documents are unviersity, as appropriate, on Blackboard Learn for students to access and download.

brunel university late coursework submission

Students are provided with a hard copy of a handbook at the beginning of each academic session, updated year-on-year; this is also provided in Blackboard Learn. Credit assigned a P grade will normally not be recognised by the University as part of an application for admission with accreditation of prior learning. Please note that some assessments may contain a learning outcome related to the ability to submit work strictly to a deadline and is therefore part of the academic assessment of such learning outcomes.

Also given the range of skills and associated workshops during the summer months, the proposed January intake scheme of studies is therefore longer 15 months than submission September start 12 months.

Our experience has shown that all students benefit from such training and the topics covered are also highly approved by our advisory panel.