Building effective interaction in distance education: So there is also a need for the teacher to align the planned learning activities with the learning outcomes to ensure the success of such an approach. Innovative use of social networking services such as Twitter for educational purposes is growing, even in higher education. Learners become more active in organising their learning and in seeking, rather than receiving, knowledge. It is virtually impossible to get such a coherent stream of related tweets in the usual torrential feed of unrelated tweets, but greater coherence can be constructed by using the search facility, a dedicated Twitter-handle, or a hashtag for collaborators to include in their tweets.

Students construct meaning from what they do to learn. Social media in general is often criticised as just such an echo-chamber, but it is the intellectual laziness which leads people to construct their own echo-chamber that is at fault, rather than the social media in which they construct it. Introduction Australian higher education is operating within an environment of significant change and academics are challenged to cope with these changes as they design learning environments and experiences for first year students. Pharmacology on the Internet — a WebCT course teaching information literacy for pharmacy students in the University of Kuopio. This approach challenges the traditional institutional teacher-centred, transmissive pedagogy and has seen a radical transformation of the expected roles of learners and teachers. The other important consideration was ensuring that the course structure and assessment meet the goal of embedding the USQ graduate attributes and ensuring that students develop these skills and competencies during their time at USQ.

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Log In Sign Up. POL at USQ In this case study, evaluation of past course offers showed that students were struggling to come to terms with academic expectations in their first year of university study. Be the first to have your say! Examples of these comments are: Advocate, July eBook: In this section we have argued that a successful pedagogy for first year transition includes the central elements of constructive alignment, formative bibliographhy developmental assessment, proactive and extensive scaffolding of student learning, and a central role for an active online community.


Other uses of Twitter in education continue to evolve. Undoubtedly, Twitter is more demanding to use effectively, so its users need to be smarter — smart enough to use both services through automatic mirroring of their tweets on their Facebook page.

How bibliogrraphy full-time students spend their time. Innovative use of social networking services such as Twitter for educational purposes is growing, even in higher education. Some students may have been cited more than once. Through our taking a proactive, and plagiarism prevention focused, approach through careful assessment design and the use of the MyDropBox plagiarism detection system to allow students to self-assess their work before final submission, excellent results have been achieved.

October recognise the differing skill levels, education and cultural backgrounds in a large first year cohort.

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Pharmacology on the Internet — a WebCT course teaching information literacy for pharmacy students in the Uaq of Kuopio. Exploring student interactions in collaborative World Wide Web computer-based learning environments.

The strategies to embed these support mechanisms included spreading the assessment across the semester using two assignments and a final examination.

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Primary English Teaching Association. We argue that this is central to reducing plagiarism rates as it makes very clear academic norms and staff expectations and reduces uzq anxiety about assessment Cartwright et al.

Computers and Education, 43, The effects of paid employment on the academic performance of full-time students in higher education. Catching them is one thing, keeping them is something else: Annotatec have really enjoyed this course, have had quite a few interesting debates with friends boy were they surprised!


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Educational Technology, 40 3 Good practice in information skills development. Diversity in the initial experiences of Australian undergraduates. Standing Conference of National and University Libraries. A significant improvement in first assignment performance compared bibliovraphy previous semesters can also be observed. Developing portfolios for learning and assessment: The course is delivered to up to students, both on campus and external to the university, across three semesters of the year.

We have to demonstrate them — providing examples, models, guidance, commenting and reinforcement — but more than that we have to assess each step if we want students to embrace the full cycle of academic research and writing. These changes can be seen not only in a reduction in the fail rate but also in the improvement in the percentage of students receiving High Distinctions HDs and As the equivalent of Distinctions.

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POL was redeveloped using the key pedagogical elements outlined above, and has led to improved student outcomes and retention. These techniques include the use of WebCT peer groups, discussion forums and an online section for Frequently Asked Questions.

October learning and construct meaning in their activities. Remember me on this computer.

This is an excellent result for a course that has had a significant academic misconduct problem in the past. Computers in Nursing, 18 4 ,