Has anything changed in all these centuries? Their book is full of real-life stories some of which you will find in the Appendix to this review. The first is affluence: They are also aching for some free, unstructured time to think, play to be kids. If these data can be extrapolated to other subjects, then countries that try to improve their standing in the world rankings by raising the amount of homework might actually be undermining their own success. More homework is being piled on children despite the absence of its value.

Lots of practice can help some students get better remembering the correct response, but not get better at thinking. And that may be the crucial thing parents and teachers take away from the book: Inspiration The Ideas Our Community. For anyone willing to shake things up in order to do what makes sense, beginning a conversation about homework is a very good place to start. The results are predictable: At the high school level, the correlation is weak and tends to disappear when more sophisticated statistical measures are applied. More homework may actually undermine national achievement.

A discussion about whether homework might be useful and why can be valuable in its own right. What are its other effects on their lives, and on their families?

alfie kohn homework myth summary

None of these assumptions, he shows, actually passes the test of logic, research, or experience. People who rely on these tactics to make kids complete iohn assignment end up making the learning homewlrk seem less appealing, which then makes bribes and threats seem even more necessary, creating a vicious cycle.

Here are some resources that question the conventional assumptions about the subject in an effort to stimulate meaningful thinking and conversation. Has anything changed in all these centuries? They are mjth excellent indicators of 2 things. Meanwhile, no study has ever substantiated the belief that homework builds character or teaches good study habits. P13 There are virtually no exchanges in a study of families that deal with the content of the homework. The students rarely choose the task or the time or the method.


Rethinking Homework

RESOURCES We are awash in articles and books that claim homework is beneficial — or simply take the existence or value of homework for granted and merely offer suggestions for how it ought to be assigned, or what techniques parents should use to make children complete it.

Effects on kkhn based upon amount of homework done; Positive relationship. Yet research findings that demonstrate against the advantages of homework are disregarded. Many parents are understandably upset with how much time their children have to spend on homework. This quote is from the ancient Greek poet Hesiod.

P43 Data suggest that, contrary to American myth, competition tends to hold people back from doing their best work, particularly if what they are doing requires creativity.

alfie kohn homework myth summary

No go do nyth homework by reading the book yourself. Suggest that teachers assign only what they design. P26 InHarris Cooper conducted the most exhaustive review of the research to date.

The 21st Century Learning Initiative ~ Review: The Myth of Homework and The Case Against Homework

Ask teachers who are reluctant to rethink their long-standing reliance on traditional homework to see what happens if, during a given week or curriculum unit, they tried assigning none. Their book is full of real-life stories some of which you will find in the Appendix to this review. Click here to read What price ‘Intelligence’?


Parents respond by reassuring themselves that at least the benefits outweigh the summarh. Always have been, and always will be. Only an A is good enough; only getting it right will do. Siblings feel ignored when other children need more help. Homeworo issue of homework has been around a long time. In such a position there is a strong temptation to avoid new initiatives that call the status quo into question.

Work is more important than family time or other activities.

The Homework Myth:

P49 When children start school, they may still be excited by the idea of homework, but it takes a remarkably short time before many are disillusioned. And hopefully, teachers, too.

This is a blog of some of the noteworthy books that I have read. The 2nd phenomenon that these tests measure is how skillful a particular group is at taking standardized tests, and how much class time has been given over to preparing them to do just that. Because, in the end, what Kohn wants parents and teachers to do, if nothing else, is think about this homework issue.

Teachers who consult with their students on a regular basis would shake their heads vigorously were you to suggest that kids will always say no to homework — or to anything else that requires effort.