Show that you can be thoughtful Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for thoughtful and perceptive students who are curious about their chosen subject. For many years, the topic of genetic modification has been one that can swing from that of great hope for the future of human technological progress to one of the subjects of the most absurd science fiction horror movie tropes. There are seven sections to the SAQ and section seven includes an additional personal statement. Jane, who does not want to give her full name, said: Try to be different… In , Oxford University received around 18, undergraduate applications for roughly 3, places. The SAQ is a unique part of applying to Cambridge. Picking a college While we hope you apply to Peterhouse, the truth is that the colleges are all pretty similar and everyone loves where they end up!

However there are some roles that will require graduates from a specific discipline so if you have a future career in mind then ensure that your degree is going to enable you to work in this field. Whether you fill this in or not is optional. Test Mock Choosing A College. The wider reading that you have been doing will have furnished you with information about your chosen subject and you now need to be able to articulate this information as well as your evidenced opinion on this. Jane, who does not want to give her full name, said: Although they may not be specified as required subjects, many successful applicants [to the Russell Group] do have advanced level qualifications in at least two of the facilitating subjects. Another way of proving you can be a thoughtful is by drawing links between topics, books, articles, films, lectures, etc.

Although this does not seem like long, it is sufficient as long as you get to work straight away and allow enough time to seek advice and re-draft, just like you did with your personal statement. Related Content Read More. I have been told by students after they have been admitted that their schools write the personal statements.


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Oxbridge will announce their decisions in January Do: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Maths for a Computer Science degree. View all posts by Dan. Additional personal statement Cambridge receive your UCAS personal statement, but you can also write an additional statement of up to characters in the SAQ. Sit AS examinations, or internal end stayement year 12 examinations.

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You only have 4, characters so you need to take the time to plan carefully what to include and how to include it as concisely as possible. The wider reading that you have been doing will have furnished you with information about your cambeidge subject and you now need to be able to articulate this information as well as your evidenced opinion on this.

additional personal statement for cambridge saq

The recent Statemetn educational reform has changed the nature of AS levels. Your tutors can point you in the direction of accessible textbooks and it might also be worth subscribing to a relevant publication such as the Economist or the Lawyer or seeing if your school library has a subscription. Cambridge judges students on their grades and predicted grades instead, Parks said.

By writing about their enthusiasm and their experiences, they may find that their decision becomes obvious. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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And Smith said a cambridye at an independent school had told him: This is one reason why it is crucial that students remain honest in their Personal Statement. You can now hold this offer while you wait for the other universities to respond to cambriddge application. Quality is more important than quantity. You will know when to fill out the form as Cambridge will send an email, after you have submitted your UCAS form, asking you to fill out the SAQ online by the deadline.


University prospectuses and websites clearly explain what topics a degree will consist of so do your research and make sure you feel enthusiastic and excited about your choice.

An essential guide to successful Oxbridge applications The dos and don’ts Posted by: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here There is an another personal statement in the SAQ – an additional form you have to fill in if you apply to Cambridge.

Applicants to Oxford will not have to complete an SAQ, so they may wish to include the elements of the course that appeal to them in their main Personal Statement. Try talking about your subject with family and friends.

This is definitely the scariest part of the application process. Try to shadow a professional in your field of interest, learning more from them about what their job involves and taking the opportunity to develop your understanding of that line of work.

This could also be something to put on your personal statement! More importantly, the SAQ includes a space to provide an Additional Personal Statement, where you can explain what you like in particular about the university sgatement the course.

How will this make me a better student in the future? For more details about the tests at Oxford, visit this page. Students intending to apply to Oxbridge are advised to take at least two facilitating subjects for A level.

additional personal statement for cambridge saq

This will demonstrate that you are not just capable of consuming aadditional, but processing and applying it – a crucial skill that admissions tutors will look for. Applying to Cambridge can be pretty daunting – most Cambridge students never thought they were going to get in.