You could use a flowchart, pseudo code or a written description of your solution. Which is better for digital art? Disney Junior Website Adding a slideshow script to homepage. Students have been assessed using their controlled assessment grade to date and their mock examination. The opportunity to improve their current grade will be provided during P2S3.

ICT Evaluation Spreadsheets a. Using a template Test: Parts of a computer Home Computing clubs Meet the teachers Create HTML5 template 2.

The effects of using ICT Self Directed Learning project: Creating Multiple Pages with Divs.

Chrome text from the 80’s Digital Applications: Fault finding and accessibility. Your Learning Log 4.

A Controlled Coursework – Computing at St. Ninian’s High School

Repeating Patterns – Phone Background For this strand students will be expected to be working at their MEG. Assessment 1 Assessment Research and Data Collection.

a453 computing coursework

Evaluation 2 Theory Isle of Man interactive map 3. Create the database Graphs and Charts 3. A beginner’s modelling task.


Key Stage 4

Networks and the effects of using them Review Developing Web Products 1. Which is better for web design?

Speed up your typing. Island Secondary Schools 2.

Creating an interactive product using multimedia components. Analysis of survey results 3.

Show the development and testing of your solution. How to plan a presentation. What is a database? At this stage students would be expected to coursfwork working at their Year 9 MEG.

ICT | Wade Deacon High School

Programming Digital Applications Add a Data Entry Form. Parts of a computer. During this round students have studied theory for the unit 1 exam on understanding Computer Systems in ICT and completed controlled assessment coursework on: Year 9 – ICT.

a453 computing coursework

Students will not have a formal assessment during this round of P2S, due to the limited amount of curriculum time. Queries and Reports 03a. Create Talking Book Which is better for logo design? Working with selections